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House Democrats: Confused at the Pump?

Wednesday’s legislation on fuel price “gouging” was an odd moment for Democrats. If they really care about global warming, they should be glad to see gas prices go up.


A new weekly feature.

Cairo Stories

Our latest American Conversations podcast.

A Bettor World

Once apprenticed to a bookie, Justin Wolfers of Wharton now draws economic insight from the behavior of gamblers.

German Growth Means a Chance for Reform

Center-right leader Angela Merkel is missing an opportunity. She should take a cue from her left-of-center predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, particularly on labor market reforms.

Water, Water

It may be everywhere, but it’s scarce as well. How to use water most efficiently? Roger Bate finds the solution in a nation undergoing the worst drought in 1,000 years: Australia.

The Sudden Ubiquity of China

It’s not just a western obsession: Beijing really is ramping up diplomatic engagement all over the world.

Podcast with Mauro De Lorenzo

Mauro De Lorenzo explains how China erodes international agencies’ influence in the developing world.

E-Voting Threatens Election Integrity

Rush Holt’s bill, which was recently approved by a House committee, would be a big improvement.

Canada’s Problem: Domestic Trade Barriers

Free trade among the fifty states may account for much of the U.S. productivity advantage over Canada.

Being Honest About Ignorance

The temptation to deny scientific truths is timeless—and dangerous.

All the Coal in China

Cheap and abundant, coal is the energy that powers China’s economy, writes Rowan Callick. But it also may be the world’s worst environmental problem.

Flower Power

A $40 billion dollar industry, by any other name, might not smell as sweet.

Carbon Taxes Versus Carbon Markets: What’s the Best Way to Limit Emissions?

Cap-and-trade markets have greater political momentum, but most economists favor a carbon tax. Here’s our guide to the debate.

Forecast: Open Skies Ahead

A new U.S.-European pact will mean more competition, less red tape, and—probably—lower fares.

A Free-Market Outpost in the Midwest

A new book details the influential economists at the University of Chicago.

Q&A: Energy Independence

‘Energy independence’ may be a hollow slogan, but ‘energy security’ is something we can achieve. Separating fact from fantasy, Steven Hayward shows how.

Obama’s Symbolic “Solution” to High Executive Pay

His new bill to let shareholders complain about golden parachutes is a political move that will only confuse the issue.

Socialism by Sanders

A dead ideal haunts the halls of Congress.

The Grand Bipartisan Trade Deal

What have Congress and the White House really agreed to on trade? It’s hard to say, judging from their widely differing views of last week’s deal.

1901-1920 of 2180 results |    < First < Previous Next > Last > 1 ... 93 94 95 [96] 97 98 99 ... 109

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