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Socialism by Sanders

A dead ideal haunts the halls of Congress.

The Grand Bipartisan Trade Deal

What have Congress and the White House really agreed to on trade? It’s hard to say, judging from their widely differing views of last week’s deal.

Enter a ‘Hellish Place’

Tougher rules and longer sentences mean that prison for white-collar inmates is no longer Club Fed. Prisoner No. 20532-050 tells his eyewitness story to Luke Mullins.

The UN’s Tyrant-Friendly Bureaucracy

Saturday’s vote putting Zimbabwe in charge of a human rights body doesn’t make it any easier to take the body seriously.

The Controversy Over Super Wool

Better sheep-breeding techniques and advances in loom technology have made the cloth that goes into men’s suits finer and softer. But, Nicholas Antongiavanni asks, are the suits really better?

Solar Power’s Time to Shine?

Thanks to cheaper solar cells, the technology may finally be economically viable, says a new book.

Should Corporations Be Democracies?

Absolutely not, says Peter Wallison. But maybe union pension plans should be.

Health Targets Should Come With a Warning

Grand goals will only help world health if they can be measured—and achieved.

On Nantucket Sound, Environmentalists Find an Alternative Use for Their Energy

A new book chronicle’s the liberal locals’ struggle to stop an unsightly wind farm.

Blue Skies, High Anxiety

Our air is cleaner than it’s been in a century, writes Joel Schwartz. So why do Americans worry it’s so dirty and dangerous?

Does Economic Success Require Democracy?

Sadly, no. In fact, the politically unfree countries are enjoying more economic growth than the politically free ones. Kevin Hassett tells why.

If We Exit

The costs, economic and otherwise, of staying in Iraq are terrible. The costs of leaving are much, much worse.

Lesson from Brazil: Pharma Needs to Explain its Pricing

A tiered model, based on ability to pay, is optimal—but will only work if the industry stands up for itself.

Movin’ Out

An Australian dedicated to American values, Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical, has been shifting plants overseas as U.S. natural gas prices make domestic manufacturing uncompetitive.

Vive la Réforme?

Sarkozy’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election leaves him with a heavy burden.

The New Cassandra

From policy to personality, Christopher Buckley’s latest satire is full of timely warnings.

The Upside of Income Inequality

Much of the widening gap in incomes reflects the rising payoff for a college education and other skills. Rising payoffs are a development that the authors, economists who have won the Nobel Prize and the Clark Prize, call ‘beneficial and desirable.’

Micro Man

Everyone, from free-market conservatives to socialists, loves Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, which has been lending tiny sums to millions of women in Bangladesh. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, but Tom Bethell wondered if the story was too good to be true.

Hot Rocks, Cool Technology

Greener than wind or solar, geothermal energy gets little attention—even though, as Nick Schulz writes, it could provide 2,000 times our current power needs.

One Man’s Pork is Another’s Tax Bill

The politicians who waste your money have a remorse deficit.

1921-1940 of 2182 results |    < First < Previous Next > Last > 1 ... 94 95 96 [97] 98 99 100 ... 110

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