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Drug Regulation: Has the Worst Become the Norm?

A sad litany of new examples suggests the FDA has lost its ability to reason about risk.

Stay Soft on 'Soft Dollars'

One way or another, investment managers are always accountable to their clients.

Profit for the Poorest

A U.S. initiative encourages businesses to see Africa’s poor as an untapped market.

Rethinking the Obesity ‘Crisis’

Weight has always been hard to control, says a leading science writer.

Balancing the Budget on the Backs of Cancer Patients?

Unless the public intervenes, a new rule will make patients sicker.

The Freedom Connection

How the U.S. uses trade agreements to promote democracy

This CAFÉ is Served Without Dessert

Making it cheaper to drive a mile won’t help the environment.

Life After Kelo

Nearly two years later, how goes the fight for eminent domain reform?


Paris Hilton, electronic spam, political loyalties and more...

A Cell in Time Saves Lives?

Yesterday’s theatrics over stem cell funding overshadowed the real news: Scientists are finding ethical, alternative ways to get the same work done.

Is Online Poker Dead...or Just Getting Started?

Last year’s ban on internet gambling marked a major setback for the industry, but Congress is taking a second look at the issue… and things might be changing in any case.

Today’s Franco-American Anniversary

230 years later, the Marquis de Lafayette’s declaration of friendship for the United States still rings true.

Contagious Liability Would Sicken Our Capital Markets

The Stoneridge case could make nearly anyone liable for securities fraud at public companies.

A Health Plan for the G8: Focus on How Funds Are Spent

Member states should insist on efficiency before parting with more taxpayer money.

The Mixology of Foreign Labor

Congress’s current immigration debate is long on enforcement, but short on economics.

Robert Zoellick’s Health Challenge at the World Bank

To make people healthier, he should step back and let other organizations take the lead.

Good Cap, Bad Cap

Why don’t people take risks and start new businesses?

Biofuels or Bio-fools?

Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley legend, is leading the venture capital rush into replacements for gasoline: biofuels made from corn and rougher stuff like switchgrass. But if prices fall and political subsidies vanish, the bubble may burst.


A new weekly feature.

Sanctioning Talk on Darfur

Wednesday’s announcement of new U.S. sanctions creates the impression of action—but it probably won’t actually help those who are dying in Sudan.

1941-1960 of 2244 results |    < First < Previous Next > Last > 1 ... 95 96 97 [98] 99 100 101 ... 113

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