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Congress Should Promote Charter Schools

States are inhibiting educational entrepreneurship; Congress should step in and provide funding to states to facilitate further charter school growth.


Tribal Wisdom in Modern Times

An ambitious new book grapples with some of the thorniest socio-moral questions ever to have bedeviled political philosophers, falling short when it attempts to apply its meta-morality to a practical issue.


Can Obama Punt Keystone into 2016?

The proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline has taken more than five years to approve and Washington bureaucracy will likely delay it for months if not years to come, at the expense of real, market-driven job creation.


The Efficiency of a Carbon Tax: Broadly Accepted and Broadly Wrong

The standard assumption about the superior efficiency of a carbon tax relative to bans and energy consumption standards is deeply problematic for both scientific and political reasons.


Europe’s Outlook in 2014

With European policymakers complacent, it is unlikely that progress will be made this year in reducing Europe’s record unemployment rate or in preventing a further fragmentation of its politics.


Reagan’s Farewell Address at 25

The main point in Reagan’s farewell address, a quarter-century ago today, remains relevant to the current dominant debate: expanding government control of the economy is not the way to advance equality.


War on Poverty Needs New Strategy

Since LBJ’s War on Poverty was launched, America has witnessed an unprecedented rise in cohabitation, divorce, and out-of-wedlock births. In 2014, reforms should promote personal dignity and encourage work and responsible fatherhood.


AEI Classics: The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's Reinterpretation of the American Founding

The Gettysburg Address is, in both form and substance, a perfect text for the bible of American political religion.


When Nudge Comes to Shove

Obamacare is simply old-fashioned social engineering dressed in trendy new clothing — and as such, it is destined to fail.


AEI Classics: The Nonsense Explosion

In the 1970s, the crisis of the day was overpopulation. In this AEI Classic, written 40 years ago, AEI scholar Ben Wattenberg demolishes the 'explosionists’' claims.


America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America

America is currently in a painful transition period, but once it emerges, it will be more prosperous and free than ever before.


James Q. Wilson and the Defense of Moral Judgment

Twenty years ago, James Q. Wilson powerfully articulated the idea that humans’ moral sense is innate, not learned.


The State of Economic Freedom, Part 2: Success Stories

What do Rwanda, Brazil, Texas, Peru, Mexico, and Panama all have in common?


The State of Economic Freedom in the United States and the World, Part 1

The developing world is increasingly embracing economic freedom, and reaping the benefits. So why are the United States and the EU heading in the opposite direction?


AEI Classics: Americans Remain Wary of Washington

Americans’ estrangement from the federal government arises because the government has broken three tacit compacts with the people.


The Words, They Are A-Changing

What is the role of the humble dictionary in an era when word usage changes by the hour?


Immigration and America’s Broken Civics Education System

America’s schools no longer teach our history or celebrate our unique culture, devaluing a powerful force for national unity.


Congress Isn't What It Used to Be

The definitive source for data on our nation’s legislative branch, Vital Statistics on Congress, has been released online for the first time ever.


5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About The Common Core

The Common Core has the potential to be a positive force in education, but parents must be vigilant.


Rediscovering American Exceptionalism

In his latest book, Charles Murray says that today's America would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.

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