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Will Venture Capitalists Drive the Next Spectacular Breakthrough?

Peter Thiel’s Zero to One is a provocative and stimulating book, however, the Silicon Valley institutional structure may not drive the future as much as it has the recent past.


Piketty's Political Hunch

In the many reviews of Thomas Piketty's 'Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century,' there has been no careful analysis of the author's conceptual structure.


Nader’s Pitch for a Left-Right Convergence

Ralph Nader’s new book shows his zeal for finding and promoting left-right solutions.


Lost, in Theory

A new book holds that full and faithful translation from one language to another is not possible, hence World Literature cannot be.


Dr. Murray's Guide to Getting Ahead

Charles Murray’s new book addresses topics ranging from the specifics of day-to-day workplace behavior to the ultimate sources of human flourishing.


The Death of Money

The prospect of the dollar failing, and the international monetary system with it, looks increasingly inevitable. The dollar nearly ceased to function as the world’s reserve currency in 1978, and similar symptoms can be seen today.


Tribal Wisdom in Modern Times

An ambitious new book grapples with some of the thorniest socio-moral questions ever to have bedeviled political philosophers, falling short when it attempts to apply its meta-morality to a practical issue.


5 Years After the Crash, What do Americans Think of Wall Street, Banks, and Free Enterprise?

While many have investigated the causes of the financial crash, few have examined the public’s reaction to it.


James Q. Wilson and the Defense of Moral Judgment

Twenty years ago, James Q. Wilson powerfully articulated the idea that humans’ moral sense is innate, not learned.


Information, the Entrepreneur, and George Gilder’s New Economic Thinking

George Gilder’s vision of data-driven capitalism has much to recommend it, but caution is warranted.


Rediscovering American Exceptionalism

In his latest book, Charles Murray says that today's America would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.


Expecting the Unexpecting

Jonathan Last’s recent book gives an incisive analysis of the plummeting U.S. birth rate's key economic effects.


Was Mancur Olson Wrong?

The great economist turned political science on its head. But a new book says Olson was off base.


The Constitution, in Text and Spirit

Akhil Reed Amar seeks to establish a new approach to jurisprudence.


How China Became Capitalist

Nobel Prize–winning economist Ronald Coase and Professor Ning Wang on the transformation of the Chinese economy.


The Tragic Demise of Fannie Mae

A new book offers an instructive lesson on the unhappy surprises caused by the government’s attempts to manipulate the housing market.


On the Ballot in November: Marijuana

Several states are considering legalizing marijuana. Here are some things you should know.


Combatting Corruption

Corruption threatens freedom and economic growth around the world.


Is the Nation of Immigrants Becoming a Nation of Emigrants?

Vivek Wadhwa on the immigrant exodus that threatens the United States.


Love, Happiness, and Other Things Money Can’t (Or At Least Shouldn’t) Buy

Are there limits to markets?

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