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War on Poverty Needs New Strategy

Since LBJ’s War on Poverty was launched, America has witnessed an unprecedented rise in cohabitation, divorce, and out-of-wedlock births. In 2014, reforms should promote personal dignity and encourage work and responsible fatherhood.


The Almanac of American Politics: Breaking Down the 2012 Election

The 2012 election indicates that the fault lines in American politics are the same as they have been since the mid 1990s, but surprises may be in store for the future.


Congress Isn't What It Used to Be

The definitive source for data on our nation’s legislative branch, Vital Statistics on Congress, has been released online for the first time ever.


What Do Banks Do?

A closer look at bank leverage.


The Myth of the Limits on Itemized Deductions

Media misinformation is the real threat to charitable giving. For better or worse, the fiscal cliff deal doesn’t actually cap any itemized deductions.


Partisan Polls?

Press coverage of polls gives these imprecise tools much more weight than they deserve. Voters should keep this in mind as they are confronted with the inevitable avalanche of polls between now and Election Day.


The Uses of LIBOR and the Victims of Its Manipulation: A Primer

Little attention has been paid to why LIBOR is important, who might have been harmed by its manipulation, or how to think about the financial ramifications.


How Much Have House Prices Really Fallen?

If we could stop the government’s constriction of private mortgage credit, recovery could begin sooner rather than later.


Fearful Symmetry: Six Decades of Treasury Yields

Interest rates in the market for U.S. Treasury debt display surprising behavior—behavior that previous market participants considered simply impossible.


Why Growth Matters More than Debt

The proper question is not how will America pay foreign creditors back but rather what will maintain China and Japan’s desire to buy low-interest Treasury securities from us?


Just How Dangerous Is Talking and Driving?

The NTSB, cell phones, and regulatory hyperbole.


Cadillac Pay in the Land of Lincoln

Illinois public employees likely receive a significant pay premium over similar private sector workers.


Obama’s Weakness in Historical Context

On a variety of indicators, President Obama has far more in common with incumbent presidents who lost their bid for reelection than with those who won.


Karl Marx’s Long Shadow in Eastern Europe

Communist political philosophy is still a powerful force in many former Soviet bloc countries.


How Much Does the Federal Government Really Spend?

Much, much more than you think.


There’s Usually a Banking Crisis Somewhere!

Add together fundamental illiquidity and smallness of capital, and what have you got?


The Soothsayers of Macroeconometrics

Applying macroeconometric models to questions of fiscal policy is the equivalent of using pre-Copernican astronomy to launch a satellite.


The Myth of Middle-Class Stagnation

It’s time to correct a misconception regarding middle-class income.


How Do Jobs Numbers Work?

Here’s a rough guide to the numbers everyone is talking about.


Solving the Long-Term Jobs Problem

Stimulus has failed. It’s time to unleash entrepreneurs in the new commanding heights of the economy: healthcare and education.

1-20 of 131 results |    Next > Last > [1] 2 3 4 ... 7

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