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Crowdfunders' Losing Deal

Shouldn’t those who contribute the funds to launch successful startups also share in any profits?


Could Computers Get Too Smart?

Some scientists and philosophers worry that artificial intelligence may someday make humanity superfluous.


Sweden’s Swing toward a Free Market

Startups and regulatory restraint have fueled Swedish economic growth.


‘Cleantech’ Gets Clocked By 60 Minutes, and the Usual Suspects Try to Make Lemonade

Despite massive taxpayer-funded subsidies, ‘clean energy’ is a failure because it remains far too expensive to compete in the marketplace.


How Teachers Can Best Use Tech

Technology is creating a revolution that could profoundly improve our schools, but getting digital learning right is more about the planning than the purchase order.


Higher Education’s Internet Revolution

The biggest surprise about Massive Open Online Courses is how conservative they are.


Scientific Groupthink and Gay Parenting

The controversy over a recent study on gay parenting illustrates a sociopolitical groupthink operating in the social scientific community. Scientists should go where the science takes them, not where their politics does.


The Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot

The main source of global energy reserves and geopolitical tensions could shift in the not-too-distant future from the Middle East to the Arctic. Here’s why.


The Climate Change Climate Keeps Changing, but the Carbon Tax Is Eternal

Confronted with more data that contradict climate change orthodoxy, climate change alarmists still advocate a carbon tax, but with new rationales.


Tomorrow's Technological Breakthroughs: Hiding in Plain Sight?

A look back at the Depression era reminds us to be skeptical of the technological pessimism of some leading economists today — few people foresaw just which inventions would be most momentous.


Smoking Kills, and So Might E-Cigarette Regulation

Smoking is a leading cause of death, and cessation treatments are largely ineffective, yet regulation threatens a promising new technology that might help smokers quit.


The Kremlin's Propaganda Campaign and Russia's Regression

The Kremlin is addressing Russia’s economic problems by dusting off Soviet-era propaganda and policies. The resulting paranoia and intolerance are bound to yield a toxic harvest when the regime falters or loses control outright.


The 'Science' of Global Warming, Part 2

Context and clarity are needed to understand the UN IPCC's latest report on climate change.


The 'Science' of Global Warming, Part 1

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is a document intended to further the narrative of catastrophic man-made climate change.


The Value of Scientific Prizes

As the number of prizes for scientific achievement rises, the debate over their effects on scientists and science continues.


AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated (Part 2)?

Single-sex education has a long history of success and provides parents with choice.


AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated?

Single-sex education is neither beneficial nor necessary and fails to prepare either boys or girls for their future in American society.


Sorting Out the High-Tech Patent Mess

Recent action by the U.S. trade representative highlights the need for reform in America’s high-tech patent sector.


A Fascinating Report from the Government Accountability Office

The bureaucracy’s analysis of green jobs leaves a lot to be desired.


The Paradox of Patent Assertion Entities

The federal government is taking some big steps to reform patent law with PAEs, but what kind of new regulation is really needed?

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