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Georgian Elections and ‘the Great Game’

With the recent presidential election, Georgians have reached another milestone toward sustainable democracy. But Russia still seeks to pull Georgia into its sphere of influence, and the United States is failing to act.


Benghazi Matters

The Benghazi attack raises fundamental questions on how to keep America safe and whether to trust the administration. We need a substantive debate on how to protect America against the growing threat of Islamic extremists.


Charles Taylor and Closing the Gates of Hell

The conviction of Charles Taylor cannot undo the terrible crimes he committed, but it will contribute to reconciliation and renewal in Sierra Leone and throughout West Africa.


Time to Reset Obama’s Reset Policy

Russia is yet another example of President Obama's naïve foreign policy, which has left American interests weakened and our values compromised.


Egyptian Raids Seek to Halt Freedom’s March

It is time for America to stop giving the Egyptian authorities a blank check. President Obama must clearly condemn the outrageous escalation of repression in Egypt.


‘It Is a New Day for My Sons’

As it begins its post-election path, Tunisia can be the historic lever that changes the Arab world forever.


Blood, Oil, and Sudan

Southern Sudan’s independence is a considerable achievement for Africans—but a proposed oil revenue split could jeopardize peace.


Freedom’s March: Egypt at the Tipping Point

Today, in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, we again discover that people everywhere undeniably want dignity, opportunity, and a responsive, representative government.


'Chávez Has Begun to Take the Path of Dictatorship'

The United States is failing to defend and project its principles, its values, and the universal human rights to which all people everywhere are entitled.


Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt

Since President Obama’s Cairo speech, his administration has been disturbingly quiet in word and deed about the Egyptian government’s repression of democracy.


Somaliland and the March of Freedom

The most recent entry in freedom’s ledger was written in late June in an unlikely corner of East Africa.


China, America, and a New World Order

For years the major question regarding China has been whether it will embrace the post–World War II order. The answer is no.


Afghanistan’s Historic Election

The foundation for self-determination and responsible, responsive, representative government is stronger today.


Human Rights and Democracy Betrayed

The early months of the Obama administration suggest that it has fallen prey to a false and foolish choice. The values and impulse of idealism that animated United States foreign policy have flatlined.

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