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Can Social Security Privatization Guarantee You More Benefits at a Lower Cost?

No, but the CBPP’s stance on budget accounting says it can.


Are Rising Health Care Costs Creating a Retirement Crisis?

Progressives are proposing expensive expansions of Social Security, but the retirement crisis is overblown.


Job Security for Poor Performers

Job security for public employees comes at a cost to government and the public. Firing the poorest-performing teachers may be the biggest free lunch available in education policy.


The Looting of Detroit’s Pensions

Giving elected officials the power to change the ways that public employees earn future benefits may make the difference in avoiding further Detroits.


Crony Capitalism vs. Public Pensions

A new union-sponsored study lowballs today’s pension costs by around two-thirds and overstates the net costs of corporate welfare.


Why Expanding Social Security Is a Bad Idea

A New America Foundation proposal would cost 3.7 percent of GDP and crowd out the private saving that drives our economy.


Teachers and the License Raj

Requiring prospective teachers to take a rigorous ‘bar exam,’ as union chief Randi Weingarten proposes, is the wrong way to recruit and assess teachers.


Public-Sector Pensions: The Transition Costs Myth

Public-sector employees and the pension industrial complex are using deceptive and self-serving arguments despite having an obligation to provide the public with solid facts.


Liberals or Conservatives: Who’s Really Close-Minded?

Conservatives understand their ideological opposite numbers far better than do liberals.


Public Pension ‘Air Time’ Is an Absurdly Generous Perk

Why do public employees get a generous deal that is available pretty much nowhere else and to no one else?


How Many Hours do Public School Teachers Really Work?

Do teachers work dramatically longer hours than other white collar professionals? No.


Cadillac Pay in the Land of Lincoln

Illinois public employees likely receive a significant pay premium over similar private sector workers.


How Much Does the Federal Government Really Spend?

Much, much more than you think.


From Ponzi to Perry: The Truth about Social Security

Let us count the ways in which Social Security is and is not like a Ponzi scheme.


The Obama Administration's Lone Star Mistake

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has trashed Texas schools, but Texas gets great bang for the buck.


Means and Extremes: How Not to Balance the Budget

Should we impose a means test on Social Security and Medicare benefits? No.


Public Pensions Roll the Dice

How have public-sector pensions responded to the financial crisis? By doubling down, thus jeopardizing taxpayers.


Senior Moment: Reduce COLAs and the Social Security Deficit

Reducing Cost of Living Adjustments by basing them on a more accurate measure of inflation would alleviate the long-term Social Security deficit.


Is Social Security Middle-Class Welfare?

It once was, but isn’t anymore, and therein lies an important tale.


The Protected Class?

Every worker will be asked to make sacrifices as governments put their fiscal houses in order. Private-sector workers should be confident they are treated the same as public-sector workers.

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