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A Bill That Deserves to Fail

The pending bailout legislation does not offer realistic solutions to our current financial problems.


The Case for Ending Ethanol Subsidies

At a time of soaring food prices and concern over carbon emissions, George Bush needs to rethink his biofuel policy.


Are We In (Or Headed For) a Recession?

The evidence is mixed. But it’s certainly possible that America will face only one quarter of negative economic growth.

Who’s Afraid of Expensive Petrol?

Oil price increases have less effect on the U.S. economy today than they did in the 1970s, writes DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH. But we can’t afford to be complacent.

The Great Recession of 2008?

It probably won’t happen, says DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH, and even if it does, we may not know until 2009.

An Oily Dilemma

High petroleum prices are not in OPEC’s long-term interest, writes DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH.

Adjusting to Free Trade

Congress can help American workers without sliding toward protectionism, writes DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH.

Making Sense of Income Inequality

Former Labor Department chief economist DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH explains why a snapshot view does not reflect Americans’ true well-being.

This CAFÉ is Served Without Dessert

Making it cheaper to drive a mile won’t help the environment.

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