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The News of God’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Two Economist magazine writers weigh in on the global revival of faith.


Should We Privatize Airports?

Competition, choice, and proper incentives would create a safe and efficient aviation infrastructure sector.


Why You Hate to Fly

Thirty years ago this month, the era of affordable mass air travel was unleashed. Why was this revolution stalled, and what can be done to finish it?


Don’t Know Much About Geography

At some point, America decided that providing kids with a geography education didn’t matter. That was a mistake.


The Dreaded R-Word

Six AEI economists discuss the current state of the U.S. economy and the possibility of a 2008 recession.


Delta Force

The largest airline merger in history is likely to get bogged down in operational and personnel challenges.


Chasing the American Dream with $25

A fascinating new memoir challenges the notion that only dramatic government intervention can rescue the working poor.


2008: A Political Odyssey

Do demographic changes point to a Democratic future? Many experts seem to think so, which is bad news for the GOP.

How to Fix Airport Delays

The case for congestion pricing.

Edit Thyself: A Maxim for the New Media

A new book argues that the web could use some self-control.

Wrong of Way

New York’s new “passenger’s bill of rights” is all wrong—bad business and bad law.

Forecast: Open Skies Ahead

A new U.S.-European pact will mean more competition, less red tape, and—probably—lower fares.

A Valuable New Airline Service You May Not Have Noticed

By making their pricing structures transparent, discount airlines are forcing candor and efficiency on the whole industry.

Friendly Fire

Michael Tanner’s new critique of big-government conservatism is trenchant, but conspicuously incomplete.

The Economy of God

Evangelical Protestantism takes some lessons from commerce.

Unfree as a Bird

A program that subsidizes rural airline routes deserves to be grounded.

The Ties that Bind

Neckties are worthwhile precisely because they are superfluous.

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