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Latin America Needs Free Trade

Is the United States retreating from globalization? If so, that is bad news for countries south of the border.


Democracy is Under Attack in Nicaragua

The sinister pact between Daniel Ortega and Arnoldo Alemán continues to poison Central America’s poorest country.


Chávez Is Weakened But Still Dangerous

Rocked by plunging oil prices and waning influence abroad, the Venezuelan president is attempting another power grab.


Putin’s Dangerous Games

How will a domestic economic crisis affect Russian foreign policy?


Weathering the Storm in Latin America

Regional officials should establish a new financial dialogue under the aegis of the Inter-American Development Bank.


What Obama Should Do About Latin America

He should appoint a bipartisan panel to recommend how the U.S. can promote positive reforms and democratic cooperation.


Crying for Argentina

The South American country could be headed for yet another economic disaster.


What Will the Election Mean for Latin America?

A President Obama or a President McCain will have to address trade, immigration, Hugo Chávez, and more.


How to Strengthen Latin America

The United States should embrace a multi-pronged strategy aimed at improving educational opportunities.

Same As the Old Boss?

Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega is reverting to radicalism, writes JAIME DAREMBLUM. But the opposition is fighting back.

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