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Junk Science and the Anti-Vaccine Fraud

The campaign against the most valuable medical technologies ever invented is based on junk science.


The Invisible Hand Works for Women

Crucial improvements for women are a routine byproduct of the search for new profits by international firms.


Don't Give Trial Lawyers This Booster Shot

Anyone who thinks the vaccine case now before the Supreme Court is merely a matter of giving injured plaintiffs their day in court has misconceived the stakes for those who reap the benefits of vaccines.


How Washington Just Worsened the Gulf Oil Spill

President Obama made BP’s problem worse, and in so doing has worsened the problems facing not only the administration but also the unfortunate residents of the Gulf of Mexico.


Progressives, Jim Crow, and Selective Amnesia

The Rand Paul episode reveals a drastic misreading of history and of the government’s role in ending racial discrimination in this nation.


How Much Transparency Do We Want in Healthcare Pricing?

Instead of trying to figure out how to make prices in healthcare markets transparent, as a Democratic bill aims to do, let the market decide.


Something Old, Something New: Biotech’s Enormous Potential

Medical breakthroughs from using existing drugs in new ways await discovery—if manufacturers have an incentive to pursue them.


Reform through Reconciliation — Worse than Imagined

As with the run-up to the Senate healthcare bill, we are again paying the cost of haste. Far too little attention is being given to crucial matters.


We Already Know Why Healthcare Overhaul Will Fail

The healthcare overhaul is shaping up as the highest-risk legislation in modern times.


What Do Vitamins and Fish Oil Tell Us about Drug Research?

There is a second world of drug research, a world in which patents do not exist and for-profit research is permanently moribund. Its history should stop ‘reformers’ in their tracks.


A Public Health Disaster in the Making

Congress is poised to pass one of the worst public health laws ever conceived.


Decoding the Use of Gene Patents

In good news, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has resisted researchers' overreaching in their patenting of genes, and researchers’ work is seldom compromised by patents.


A Troubling Supreme Judgment

The Supreme Court’s decision in Wyeth v. Levine will be negative for patient welfare.


Medicine's Miracle Man

Maurice Hilleman's remarkable period of industrial scientific research yielded the most cost-effective medicines ever made.


Tough Challenges at the FDA

Obama’s FDA commissioner should avoid actions that make the drug development process more costly and inefficient.


'Seeding' Sales and Science

Marketing-driven clinical trials intend to increase sales and profits—but also yield enormous benefits for patients.


The Indispensable Industry

New efforts to undermine the country’s drug development system are cause for worry.

Lessons of the Heart

A surprising new study on heart disease treatments won’t just change medicine—it will help shape basic science.

The Truth about the Drug Ads

Many people love to hate DTCA, but research suggests the ads do more good than harm.

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