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What Women Want

Megan Basham’s new book paints a troubling and misleading portrait of the choices facing working mothers.


Is Talent Really That Important?

Geoff Colvin argues that ‘deliberate practice,’ not innate ability, is the true key to world-class performance.


Looking for the Virtuous Cycle

Esther Duflo and her MIT colleagues are waging a war on poverty.


Still Healthy After All These Years

Is American society prepared for the consequences of increased life expectancy? Robert Butler wants to know.


Meet the Middle-Class Millionaires

A new book profiles the working-rich households who ‘have achieved the American dream the American way.’


Cracking the CEO Pay Puzzle

Why has executive compensation exploded in recent years? New York University’s Xavier Gabaix gives one answer.


The Myths of ‘Energy Independence’

A provocative new book argues that ‘energy independence’ is neither practical nor desirable.

Weighing In

A science journalist makes the case for low-carb diets.

Keeping up with the Gateses?

An economist explains, briefly, why inequality matters more than we think it does.

Rethinking the Obesity ‘Crisis’

Weight has always been hard to control, says a leading science writer.

Biofuels or Bio-fools?

Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley legend, is leading the venture capital rush into replacements for gasoline: biofuels made from corn and rougher stuff like switchgrass. But if prices fall and political subsidies vanish, the bubble may burst.

On Nantucket Sound, Environmentalists Find an Alternative Use for Their Energy

A new book chronicle’s the liberal locals’ struggle to stop an unsightly wind farm.

An Apology for Judicial Activism

In a new book, libertarian activist Clint Bolick offers a surprising argument.

All Play and No Work…

A business book author says, yet again, that his readers should emulate him. This one’s not persuasive.

Just Visiting

A new book takes readers inside Monopoly’s surprising history.

Perfectionists for Freedom

Brian Doherty’s new history finds that each libertarian is unhappy in his own way.

Stumbling on Psychology

A new book about what makes us happy is fun to read, if not particularly substantial. That's the way readers like it.

What Are Women Worth?

A new study suggests that Wall Street still has different standards for men and women.

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