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How China Became Capitalist

Nobel Prize–winning economist Ronald Coase and Professor Ning Wang on the transformation of the Chinese economy.


On the Ballot in November: Marijuana

Several states are considering legalizing marijuana. Here are some things you should know.


Is the Nation of Immigrants Becoming a Nation of Emigrants?

Vivek Wadhwa on the immigrant exodus that threatens the United States.


Mobility Matters: Understanding the New Geography of Jobs

Enrico Moretti explains why policymakers should concentrate on mobility inequality, why there is no Great Stagnation, and why economist Paul Romer has a tough road ahead.


Here’s How to Replace the Income Tax

Alan Viard discusses the benefits of junking the income tax system in favor of a progressive consumption tax.


Innovation, Risk, and the ‘Most Hated Book of the Year’

Edward Conard argues that in the wake of the commercialization of the Internet, the structure of our unrealized investment opportunities has changed dramatically.


The Life and Death of Great American Cities

Roger Scruton on the possibility of renewal in urban America and why China’s urbanization is one of the great ecological disasters of our time.


America Is Out of Control

Jim Manzi’s new book is a powerful indictment of political central planning.


Want to End Poverty? Legalize Freedom

Robert Cooter explains how law can end the poverty of nations.


The Most Important Start-Up

Ben Casnocha discusses the end of the labor mentality and how short-term risk can yield explosive rewards.


The End of Stagnation and the Coming Innovation Boom

Economist Alex Tabarrok discusses bringing smart ideas to market, the college bubble, and why Paul Romer reminds him of Nobel Prize winner Ronald Coase.


Mitch Daniels Goes to School

If Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels runs for president, he will tout his tremendous success as an education reformer.


It’s Mother’s Day; Be Selfish

A scholar argues that social science says you should have more kids; and that ‘tiger mom’ Amy Chua needs to relax.


How the Progressives Almost Killed Football

A century ago, Teddy Roosevelt rescued football from a movement of Progressive intellectuals and activists who sought to banish the sport from the land.


'Reagan’s Final Triumph Over His Enemies'

Steve Hayward explains what’s behind the newfound respect liberals have for Ronald Reagan.


Revolution in the Rust Belt

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan on repealing ObamaCare, confronting the EPA, and regulating the Internet.


Welcome to Our New Feature: The Enterprise Blog

Visit’s latest feature, The Enterprise Blog, bringing you practical wisdom several times a day.


Thirst Aid

Three entrepreneurs are hoping to combat the world’s worst environmental and humanitarian crisis.

FCC vs. Innovation

Not too many years ago, it seemed that fast-moving technology would happily put the government’s top communications regulator out of business. Why hasn’t it happened?

The Internet of Things

Your cell phone camera can tell you all about a product. Is this an ephemeral gimmick or a great business? Time and the market will tell, writes NICK SCHULZ.

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