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Cutting the Gordian Knot

A new and better carbon tax proposal.

The Most Important Person You’ve Never Heard Of

Meet Norman Borlaug, savior of the world’s starving.

Virtual Reality ‘Avatars’ Are Now Real Enough To Be Sued

Denizens of “Second Life” can end up in very real courtrooms.

Nothing Fair About the 'Fairness Doctrine'

When government involves itself in the world of talk radio, the country loses.

Hernando De Soto for Chief Economist

An insightful Peruvian could shake up the World Bank.

Checking the Growing Demand for Government

Classical liberalism should stick to its guns.

In Debt to Bad Ideas

Why the trade deficit is less of a problem than you think.

Fact Checking ‘Card Check’

If the “Employee Free Choice Act,” recently passed by the House of Representatives, were ever to take effect, the economic consequences could be severe. It would make union formation easier, and business success more difficult, by decreasing employees’ autonomy.

A Profit-Taking Candidate

Recent remarks by Hilary Clinton suggest an energy policy that would score political points, but harm the economy.

Why Not Go Nuclear?

The Bush Administration wants to push “energy independence.” Its silence on nuclear power is deafening.

Go Nowhere Faster!

In the rush to pass their Six for '06 in the first 100 hours, House Democrats allowed speedy governance to trump smart governance.

An Economic Policy Quagmire—And How It Can Be Avoided

Increasing the minimum wage would be bad policy and bad politics. Why is the White House ready to acquiesce?

Return of the Cowboy

The President could act alone to make progress on free trade.

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