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Crisis of a House Inflated The American 07/24/2009
Nick Schulz interviews Thomas Sowell about the housing boom and bust—and who deserves the blame.
Free Markets, Envy, and Olasky’s Law The American 07/08/2009
In a recent interview, the architect of compassionate conservatism, Marvin Olasky, discusses how evangelicals should think about free markets, what constitutes true justice, and when bad charity drives out good.
The Gap for Education THE AMERICAN 04/06/2009
Don Fisher founded the Gap clothing store and revolutionized the American retail and fashion industries. Now he is setting his sights on transforming American education.
Q&A: How to Think About the U.S. Dollar Desmond Lachman 03/27/2009
It has become fashionable to predict the imminent collapse of the dollar. What might really happen?
Engineering the Climate Samuel Thernstrom 01/14/2009
Can global warming be stopped? Ask a geoengineer.
Upwardly Mobile America? Stephen Moore 09/22/2008
Are we in a new ‘gilded age’ where the rich are doing well and the poor and middle class are treading water?
What DO We Know About the Uninsured? Thomas P. Miller 07/30/2008
Fact and fiction: what we know and what we don’t about Americans without health insurance.
Your Guide to the Housing Crisis Alex J. Pollock 05/05/2008
With the financial world in turmoil, here’s a handy guide to the bursting of the housing market bubble.
A Nation of Givers Arthur C. Brooks 03/11/2008
Americans are remarkably charitable. But what sorts of people give the most? And how do we compare with the Europeans?
Patents Pending Claude Barfield & John E. Calfee 02/01/2008
The U.S. patent system is more important than ever. It’s also a mess. But help may finally be on the way.