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The Future Electric Grid Mark P. Mills 05/31/2014
We hear increasingly that technology is making today’s electric utility model ‘obsolete’ and will put its companies into a ‘death spiral.’ Is it possible that so much has changed so quickly?
California’s Chicken Law and the Commerce Clause Blake Hurst 01/16/2014
The country is awash in legislative efforts to increase regulation of agriculture, but only California has had the chutzpah to impose the preferences of that state’s voters on the rest of the country.
Regulating Our Way to Freedom? Robert Hahn 01/08/2009
A new Congress may be tempted to add a new layer of regulation to the Internet.
Inequality and the Sergey Brin Effect Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz 10/01/2008
To understand what’s driving inequality in America, it helps to study the founder of Google.
Thirst Aid Nick Schulz 04/10/2008
Three entrepreneurs are hoping to combat the world’s worst environmental and humanitarian crisis.
FCC vs. Innovation Nick Schulz 01/28/2008
Not too many years ago, it seemed that fast-moving technology would happily put the government’s top communications regulator out of business. Why hasn’t it happened?
The Internet of Things Nick Schulz 12/03/2007
Your cell phone camera can tell you all about a product. Is this an ephemeral gimmick or a great business? Time and the market will tell, writes NICK SCHULZ.
Start Your (Financial) Engines Nick Schulz 09/25/2007
Small investors buy high, sell low, and pay too little attention to expenses. But a Web-based firm, started by a Nobel Prize-winning economist, is trying to help them.
Revenge of the Frosh-Seeking Robots Nick Schulz 07/09/2007
The smartest college kids are rushing to major in economics. NICK SCHULZ shows how Microsoft is trying to lure them back to computer science.
Hot Rocks, Cool Technology Nick Schulz 05/07/2007
Greener than wind or solar, geothermal energy gets little attention—even though, as Nick Schulz writes, it could provide 2,000 times our current power needs.