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Big Ideas

These stories are conceptual--food for thought.
The American's 2008 Young Economist Award THE AMERICAN 01/04/2008
Raj Chetty of Berkeley Wins the $100,000 Research Grant.
Free Trade in the Dock Duncan Currie 12/28/2007
Supporters of globalization have a good case to make, writes DUNCAN CURRIE. But they will face a difficult environment in 2008.
Futurology Bruce McCall 12/12/2007
An Exit Strategy for Big Pharma Roger Bate 11/27/2007
It may be time for drug companies to invest only in countries that truly protect intellectual property rights, says ROGER BATE.
Welcome to ‘Richistan’ Rachel DiCarlo Currie 11/06/2007
America’s ultra-wealthy are conspicuous both for their lavish consumption and for their colorful philanthropy, writes RACHEL DICARLO CURRIE.
The Decline and Fall of Declinism Alan W. Dowd 08/28/2007
Some people don’t want to admit it, but America is in great shape.
Cutting the Gordian Knot Pejman Yousefzadeh 08/15/2007
A new and better carbon tax proposal.
American Conversations: Tyler Cowen The American 08/02/2007
Economics professor Tyler Cowen discusses his new book, blogging, and the application of economics in everyday life.
A Bridge to Traffic Reduction Jordan Fabian 07/31/2007
Toll lanes can help give quicker commutes to those who value them most.
How Governments Compete Jurgen Reinhoudt 07/30/2007
A new book offers an informative overview of the most important ways governments help, or hurt, their national economies.