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Big Ideas

These stories are conceptual--food for thought.
The American Scene The American 07/18/2007
When CEOs Buy Big Homes, Clogged U.S. Ports, and more...
Unbought, Unbossed, and Unbelievable—Deep Pockets Aren’t the Problem with Rich Candidates Tim Taylor 07/18/2007
The substance of their positions—not the source of their money—is the real problem with most self-financed campaigns.
Biz Ed Frederick M. Hess 07/17/2007
What's the best way for businesses to help fix education? Stop backing a system that doesn't work, smash the regulations, and support the entrepreneurs who will shake things up.
No Hesitations Caren Chesler 07/16/2007
A child of violence and poverty, ROLAND FRYER of Harvard goes where other economists fear to tread.
Abolish the SAT Charles Murray 07/13/2007
The SAT got him into Harvard from a small Iowa town. But now, CHARLES MURRAY wants to abolish the test. It’s unnecessary and, worse, a negative force in American life.
The Human Factor Sally Satel 07/10/2007
Drug abuse causes hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses and untold personal heartache. How to limit the damage? SALLY SATEL suggests we start by ditching the ‘brain disease’ model that’s popular with scientists and focus on treating addicts as people with the power to reshape their own lives. Despite its own prejudices, an HBO series transmits just this message of responsibility and optimism.
The Principled Entrepreneur The American 07/09/2007
With a little help from Hayek, Mises, and Maslow, the CEO of America’s largest private company, Charles Koch, spreads the gospel of ‘market-based management.’
Blissfully Uneducated Victor Davis Hanson 07/09/2007
Colleges lost their way in the 1960s, contends VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, a classics professor. Students now get a ‘therapeutic curriculum’ instead of learning hard facts and inductive inquiry. The result: we can’t answer the questions of our time.
An Amateur Economist Defends Mainstream Culture David Robinson 07/06/2007
A new book on the evils of digital media is bold, provocative, and economically benighted.
Government’s Helping Hand also Hurts John Santoliquido 07/05/2007
The minimum wage increase will hurt our most vulnerable workers.