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Big Ideas

These stories are conceptual--food for thought.
Reagan’s Farewell Address at 25 Steven F. Hayward 01/11/2014
The main point in Reagan’s farewell address, a quarter-century ago today, remains relevant to the current dominant debate: expanding government control of the economy is not the way to advance equality.
War on Poverty Needs New Strategy Josh Good 01/08/2014
Since LBJ’s War on Poverty was launched, America has witnessed an unprecedented rise in cohabitation, divorce, and out-of-wedlock births. In 2014, reforms should promote personal dignity and encourage work and responsible fatherhood.
AEI Classics: The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's Reinterpretation of the American Founding Leon R. Kass 11/19/2013
The Gettysburg Address is, in both form and substance, a perfect text for the bible of American political religion.
When Nudge Comes to Shove Lee Harris 11/13/2013
Obamacare is simply old-fashioned social engineering dressed in trendy new clothing — and as such, it is destined to fail.
AEI Classics: The Nonsense Explosion Ben Wattenberg 08/26/2013
In the 1970s, the crisis of the day was overpopulation. In this AEI Classic, written 40 years ago, AEI scholar Ben Wattenberg demolishes the 'explosionists’' claims.
America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus 08/20/2013
America is currently in a painful transition period, but once it emerges, it will be more prosperous and free than ever before.
James Q. Wilson and the Defense of Moral Judgment Sally Satel 08/08/2013
Twenty years ago, James Q. Wilson powerfully articulated the idea that humans’ moral sense is innate, not learned.
The State of Economic Freedom, Part 2: Success Stories The Editors 08/06/2013
What do Rwanda, Brazil, Texas, Peru, Mexico, and Panama all have in common?
The State of Economic Freedom in the United States and the World, Part 1 The Editors 08/05/2013
The developing world is increasingly embracing economic freedom, and reaping the benefits. So why are the United States and the EU heading in the opposite direction?
AEI Classics: Americans Remain Wary of Washington Charles Murray 08/02/2013
Americans’ estrangement from the federal government arises because the government has broken three tacit compacts with the people.