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Big Ideas

These stories are conceptual--food for thought.
Desegregation by Deliciousness Michael McShane 02/27/2013
What schools can learn from barbeque restaurants.
Enlightened Conservatism Lee Harris 02/18/2013
A cause is to politics what fanaticism is to religion — a plague to be avoided at all costs.
Reform Government Pay with Step Decreases Arnold Kling 02/06/2013
Longevity is the wrong characteristic to reward in the case of government workers.
Confronting the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap Thomas A. Hemphill, Waheeda Lillevik, and Mark J. Perry 01/28/2013
We have a skills gap and it’s going to get worse. Here’s what we can do about it.
Ignorance, the Ultimate Asset Bret Swanson 01/24/2013
To understand the success of modern knowledge economies and why government planning is folly, we must first understand that ignorance truly is bliss.
Competing for Elites Danjell Elgebrandt and Tino Sanandaji 01/23/2013
The Swedish political Right has increasingly managed to recapture the support of a large segment of the chattering classes. There may be lessons for the United States.
Voyager I at the Heliopause John Steele Gordon 01/18/2013
An extension of human ingenuity will soon reach the farthest limit of the sun’s empire. Beyond is true interstellar space.
The Trouble with Conspiracy Theories Lee Harris 01/12/2013
Perhaps the problem with conspiracy theorists is not that they have gone too far, but that they haven’t quite gone far enough yet. But, if James Tracy is any indication, they are getting very close.
The Constitution, in Text and Spirit Michael M. Rosen 01/11/2013
Akhil Reed Amar seeks to establish a new approach to jurisprudence.
The Politically Correct Calendar John Steele Gordon 12/24/2012
Among the more irritating manifestations of political correctness, at least to this historian, is the attempt to replace the terms AD and BC with CE and BCE.