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Corporate governance, accounting standards, and other "rules about money" stories that often don't get the thoughtful coverage they deserve elsewhere in the media.
Can Obama Punt Keystone into 2016? Kenneth P. Green 02/04/2014
The proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline has taken more than five years to approve and Washington bureaucracy will likely delay it for months if not years to come, at the expense of real, market-driven job creation.
The Efficiency of a Carbon Tax: Broadly Accepted and Broadly Wrong Benjamin Zycher 01/31/2014
The standard assumption about the superior efficiency of a carbon tax relative to bans and energy consumption standards is deeply problematic for both scientific and political reasons.
California’s Chicken Law and the Commerce Clause Blake Hurst 01/16/2014
The country is awash in legislative efforts to increase regulation of agriculture, but only California has had the chutzpah to impose the preferences of that state’s voters on the rest of the country.
Europe’s Outlook in 2014 Desmond Lachman 01/12/2014
With European policymakers complacent, it is unlikely that progress will be made this year in reducing Europe’s record unemployment rate or in preventing a further fragmentation of its politics.
The End of the Art of the Turnaround J.D. Kleinke 11/04/2012
The road back for a broken company has always been long and hard. But today it is longer and harder than ever. What’s needed is serious regulatory relief and some very big, very long overdue tort reform.
Geithner’s View from the Top of the Bubble Alex J. Pollock 09/06/2012
What a careful, informed, balanced, and intelligent discussion of risk management tells us about the high price of extreme risk.
Facebook and the Importance of Being Unimportant Edward Tenner 06/04/2012
Many companies make things you'd never discuss at a cocktail party, yet are indispensable for other things that you would.
Fearful Symmetry: Six Decades of Treasury Yields Alex J. Pollock 04/04/2012
Interest rates in the market for U.S. Treasury debt display surprising behavior—behavior that previous market participants considered simply impossible.
How to Think about Private Equity Steve Kaplan 01/18/2012
If the overall pattern is so positive—for investors, companies, and even employment—why is private equity so controversial?
Austerity America Alexander Linklater 05/31/2011
Britain has begun to make the United States appear, by contrast, a nostalgic bastion of unchanging political custom and ideological continuity.