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Tomorrow's Technological Breakthroughs: Hiding in Plain Sight? Edward Tenner 11/28/2013
A look back at the Depression era reminds us to be skeptical of the technological pessimism of some leading economists today — few people foresaw just which inventions would be most momentous.
AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Thanksgiving Amy Kass and Leon Kass 11/26/2013
As Americans settle in to celebrate another Thanksgiving, we look back at the holiday's history.
An American Thanksgiving Ralph Kinney Bennett 11/26/2013
We are a grateful nation. And because we are a grateful nation, we are a generous nation. Our founders were steeped in this idea, and it is still strong among us.
JFK's Assassination, 50 Years Later John Steele Gordon 11/22/2013
When great events are precipitated by little people, it is common for conspiracy theories to abound.
‘A Few Appropriate Remarks’ John Steele Gordon 11/19/2013
Why was Lincoln’s prophecy that ‘the world will little note nor long remember what we say here’ so spectacularly wrong?
AEI Classics: Why We Still Read Lincoln Walter Berns 11/18/2013
A nation, a people, can be known and be judged by its heroes.
Conservatism Is Compassionate Mark Rodgers and Jedd Medefind 11/15/2013
If people suspect you don't care about them, they will rarely follow you, no matter how right your solutions may sound. Therein lies the challenge – and promise – for conservatives.
AEI Classics: The Meaning of Veterans Day Amy Kass and Leon Kass 11/08/2013
Each November 11, our nation commemorates Veterans Day. But what does the holiday mean, and how do we properly observe it?
October Is the Richest Month for Sports Joseph Epstein 10/16/2013
The greatest month to be a sports fan.
The Conservative Case for Civilian Review Kim Hendrickson 10/15/2013
Promoting civilian review of police departments is in keeping with conservative values.