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The Conservative Case for Civilian Review Kim Hendrickson 10/15/2013
Promoting civilian review of police departments is in keeping with conservative values.
The Value of Scientific Prizes Edward Tenner 10/02/2013
As the number of prizes for scientific achievement rises, the debate over their effects on scientists and science continues.
Bernie Madoff, Steve Jobs, and Wall Street Greed Don Watkins 09/26/2013
Genuinely successful people in business have nothing in common with the likes of Bernie Madoff. Why do so many see them all as greedy and selfish?
‘The Simpsons’: Poking Fun at U.S. Presidents for a Quarter Century Tevi Troy 09/25/2013
25 years later, ‘The Simpsons’ is still one of television’s premier political pundits, at least as far as U.S. presidents are concerned.
5 Years After the Crash, What do Americans Think of Wall Street, Banks, and Free Enterprise? Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg 09/13/2013
While many have investigated the causes of the financial crash, few have examined the public’s reaction to it.
AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated (Part 2)? Christina Hoff Sommers 09/11/2013
Single-sex education has a long history of success and provides parents with choice.
AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated? Lise Eliot 09/10/2013
Single-sex education is neither beneficial nor necessary and fails to prepare either boys or girls for their future in American society.
Not Being There Joseph Epstein 08/22/2013
Don’t let the hype fool you: the best place to watch the U.S. Open and many other sports these days is from your couch.
The Original Sports Magazine Joseph Epstein 07/05/2013
Before the advent of television, Americans relied on sports writers to keep up with their favorite athletes and events. Of all the publications that arose to fill this need, none did so earlier or better than Sport magazine.
Conservatism and Gratitude Yuval Levin 06/24/2013
Upon accepting one of the four Bradley Foundation prizes on June 12, Ethics and Public Policy Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin spoke about conservatism and gratitude. Excerpts from his speech follow.