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Art, food, fashion, and the way we live now.
Thou Shalt Not Knock Off Julian Sanchez 09/14/2007
Will Congress move to increase copyright protection for fashion designs? Should it?
Is Champagne a Victim of its own Marketing Success? Benjamin Newell 09/10/2007
The French product still bubbles to the top, but may be in for a fall.
Learning from Andy Warhol Christine B. Whelan 09/07/2007
A new book argues that culture, done right, can be a cash cow for cities.
Suing to Shut Down ‘Teach For America’ Frederick M. Hess 09/04/2007
When education schools act like a cartel, children are harmed.
Edit Thyself: A Maxim for the New Media Evan Sparks 08/30/2007
A new book argues that the web could use some self-control.
Bonds’s Economic Home Run Scott Ganz 08/15/2007
Great athletics—and steroids—are part of the story, but so are supply and demand.
American Conversations: Tyler Cowen The American 08/02/2007
Economics professor Tyler Cowen discusses his new book, blogging, and the application of economics in everyday life.
The Sushi Economy Sasha Issenberg 07/27/2007
The journey of bluefin tuna from the waters of the Atlantic to the sushi bars of Tokyo in just a few days is a marvel of globalization, writes SASHA ISSENBERG. It’s a tale of taste, technology, and the power of markets.
The Twisted Logic of Stadium Construction Trevor Bothwell 07/25/2007
A new minor league ballpark, not yet constructed, is already teaching some basic economics—if anyone pays attention.
Oedipus Child Elise Passamani 07/25/2007
When children are born motherless, problems await.