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AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Amy Kass and Leon Kass 01/20/2014
Americans use this anniversary not only to pay tribute to one man’s efforts in the cause of equal rights, but also to celebrate the Civil Rights Movement as a whole.
Reagan’s Farewell Address at 25 Steven F. Hayward 01/11/2014
The main point in Reagan’s farewell address, a quarter-century ago today, remains relevant to the current dominant debate: expanding government control of the economy is not the way to advance equality.
The First Presidential Election and Other Firsts John Steele Gordon 01/07/2014
The first presidential election was 225 years ago today. Although it was not democratic, it was a first in human history.
Funny Thing about Christmas Ralph Kinney Bennett 12/24/2013
Nowhere in the Bible are Christians commanded to observe Christ’s birthday. It is as if God said to man, 'Make of this event what you will.'
Tomorrow's Technological Breakthroughs: Hiding in Plain Sight? Edward Tenner 11/28/2013
A look back at the Depression era reminds us to be skeptical of the technological pessimism of some leading economists today — few people foresaw just which inventions would be most momentous.
AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Thanksgiving Amy Kass and Leon Kass 11/26/2013
As Americans settle in to celebrate another Thanksgiving, we look back at the holiday's history.
An American Thanksgiving Ralph Kinney Bennett 11/26/2013
We are a grateful nation. And because we are a grateful nation, we are a generous nation. Our founders were steeped in this idea, and it is still strong among us.
JFK's Assassination, 50 Years Later John Steele Gordon 11/22/2013
When great events are precipitated by little people, it is common for conspiracy theories to abound.
‘A Few Appropriate Remarks’ John Steele Gordon 11/19/2013
Why was Lincoln’s prophecy that ‘the world will little note nor long remember what we say here’ so spectacularly wrong?
AEI Classics: Why We Still Read Lincoln Walter Berns 11/18/2013
A nation, a people, can be known and be judged by its heroes.