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Conservatism and Gratitude Yuval Levin 06/24/2013
Upon accepting one of the four Bradley Foundation prizes on June 12, Ethics and Public Policy Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin spoke about conservatism and gratitude. Excerpts from his speech follow.
Eric Hoffer: Longshoreman Philosopher Tom Bethell 05/26/2013
‘Any social order . . . which can function well with a minimum of leadership will be an anathema to the intellectual.’
Fallen Heroes, Never Forgotten Ralph Kinney Bennett 05/25/2013
Toward a deeper gratitude for our freedom, with a clean pride in a country that has spilled so much of its blood for others.
Ever the Prophet, Never the King Josh Good 05/23/2013
Jim Wallis’s new book asks readers to consider what each side of the political aisle gets right and to recall an ancient religious commitment to the common good.
Are American Voters Racist? Kenneth Gould 05/17/2013
Racial prejudice plays a very small role in American politics, but a highly disciplined sense of self-interest on the part of one group may play a very large role in the way the federal government functions.
Lean In… to Government? Charlotte Allen 05/17/2013
Sheryl Sandberg's runaway best-selling book Lean In has managed to offend both the Left and the Right. Sandberg touts female hard-headedness, yet also calls for an elaborate government- and employer-supplied support system for women.
The Perpetual Passion for Paper Edward Tenner 05/16/2013
Paper is becoming less important in some respects, but its strengths — prestige, utility, permanence, and security — are more essential than ever.
Could California Make a Comeback? Michael M. Rosen 05/15/2013
An unexpected glimmer of hope might cast a new light on the Golden State.
The Looming Student Loan Crisis Jackson Toby 05/14/2013
Failure to scrutinize employment income contributed to the housing crisis and now threatens student loans, which total more than $1 trillion.
Batter Up Joseph Epstein 05/11/2013
The national pastime may be past its time. But those who think it’s boring need to think again.