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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
Why the Volcker Rule Will Harm the U.S. Economy Peter J. Wallison 12/13/2013
Americans were told the rule stops banks from taking risky bets with insured deposits, but it actually bars bank-related entities from valuable activities that pose no threat to deposits and are no more risky than ordinary lending.
Big Farms Are About to Get Bigger Blake Hurst 12/11/2013
Big data will make farming more environmentally responsible and easier to regulate, but will lessen the sense of place cherished by the local food movement.
The Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot Alan W. Dowd 12/08/2013
The main source of global energy reserves and geopolitical tensions could shift in the not-too-distant future from the Middle East to the Arctic. Here’s why.
Why Greece Will Leave the Euro Desmond Lachman 12/06/2013
As Greece's political and economic conditions worsen, the conventional wisdom about Greece never abandoning the euro will be sorely tested.
More Pipelines in the Pipeline Kenneth P. Green 12/05/2013
Environmentalists continue to resist pipelines such as the Keystone XL, even though pipelines result in fewer spillage incidents and personal injuries, and in a substantial cost advantage, when compared to road and rail.
The Climate Change Climate Keeps Changing, but the Carbon Tax Is Eternal Benjamin Zycher 12/03/2013
Confronted with more data that contradict climate change orthodoxy, climate change alarmists still advocate a carbon tax, but with new rationales.
The Unbearable Lightness of the Climate Change Industrial Complex Benjamin Zycher 11/14/2013
The scientific and policy certainties claimed by the global warming/climate change industrial complex are pervasive — and deeply misguided.
An Honest Accounting of the Corporate Income Tax Matthew Jensen 11/07/2013
Government agencies are beginning to recognize that the corporate income tax is a burden on workers, not just owners.
RX for R&D: Repealing the Medical Device Tax Michael M. Rosen 11/05/2013
The ill-considered medical device excise tax used to fund Obamacare should be repealed. The tax will reduce spending on research and development and cost tens of thousands of jobs.
The Reality of the ‘Real Wage’ Arnold Kling 11/04/2013
Calculating trends in the real wage is much harder than we realize, because every household has different tastes. Such an exercise is misleading at best and meaningless at worst.