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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
Banking Lessons From Sweden Waldemar Ingdahl 11/10/2008
What can global policymakers learn from the Swedish financial crisis of the early 1990s?
Don’t Raise Capital Gains Taxes Lee E. Ohanian 11/03/2008
Voters should always be skeptical of tax policies designed to soak ‘the rich.’
The Fed's Big Experiment Vincent R. Reinhart 11/03/2008
America has embarked on one of the boldest ventures in the history of monetary economics.
Obama's Plan to End Private Health Insurance Grace-Marie Turner 10/31/2008
His proposal is far more radical than most people realize.
Crying for Argentina Jaime Daremblum 10/29/2008
The South American country could be headed for yet another economic disaster.
A Sound Dollar is the Key to Recovery John L. Chapman 10/27/2008
Without it, we will be facing stagflation.
America Has a Highly Progressive Tax System Duncan Currie 10/24/2008
The top income earners now shoulder far more of the federal tax burden than they did in the early 1980s.
Panics and Politics John Steele Gordon 10/22/2008
How often have U.S. financial crises been followed by major political realignments?
A New Era for Global Banking Desmond Lachman 10/20/2008
When the dust settles on today’s crisis, the world will find itself with a radically changed financial system.
Dollars and Sense Duncan Currie 10/17/2008
What would the McCain and Obama tax plans mean for the capital stock, economic growth, and effective marginal rates?