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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
Risky Business Vincent R. Reinhart 07/23/2008
With Fannie and Freddie, is the government mistaking a ‘first-generation’ crisis for a ‘second-generation’ crisis?
Where Credit Is Due Anthony Dick 07/23/2008
Stanford economist Jonathan Levin began investigating subprime lending in 2004—before it became front-page news.
Bear Necessities? Peter J. Wallison 07/17/2008
The rush to regulate the securities industry ignores the lessons of history and might plant the seeds of disaster.
Don’t Blame the Speculators John L. Chapman 07/16/2008
Increased speculation in oil futures is not a cause of rising oil prices, but rather an effect of those prices.
The Depressive Realism Economy Arnold Kling 07/15/2008
America’s economic self-esteem has suffered three major blows. Adapting to the new reality will take some time.
Bolstering the Buck John L. Chapman 07/09/2008
The Fed’s weak-dollar policy has had disastrous consequences. Strengthening the greenback must now be a top priority.
The Growth Solution Carl Schramm and Robert E. Litan 07/08/2008
With America's new economic realities, an entrepreneurial agenda is in order.
Playing Politics with Financial Security Peter J. Wallison 07/02/2008
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are dangerously weak. So why are House Democrats delaying critical regulatory reforms?
Looking for the Virtuous Cycle Laura Vanderkam 07/01/2008
Esther Duflo and her MIT colleagues are waging a war on poverty.
America’s Economic Outlook: A Symposium The American 06/27/2008
Will the U.S. economy improve or worsen between now and Election Day? Three AEI economists share their thoughts.