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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
The Pigou Club Goes to Washington Ted Gayer 09/10/2008
Higher pollution taxes make sense, provided the revenues are used to offset existing taxes that distort incentives.
Is U.S. Monetary Policy Really Too Loose? Desmond Lachman 09/03/2008
The Fed shouldn’t hike interest rates until it has clear evidence of stabilization in the housing and credit markets.
Lessons from the Credit Crunch Desmond Lachman 08/12/2008
By now, central bankers should have figured out that this is more than just a liquidity dilemma.
The Folly of Obama’s Tax Plan Alex Brill and Alan D. Viard 08/08/2008
Senator Obama’s proposed ‘tax cuts for the middle class’ are actually marginal rate hikes in disguise.
The Path to Prosperity Amela Karabegovic and Alan W. Dowd 08/07/2008
A new report confirms that low taxes, limited government, and flexible labor markets help to spur economic growth.
Messages from Merrill’s Misfortunes Vincent R. Reinhart 08/05/2008
Last week’s big announcement by a Wall Street investment giant contains dark warnings about our economic future.
Time for a Second Stimulus Package? Desmond Lachman 08/04/2008
Before going down that path, Congress should consider why the first stimulus package failed to jumpstart the economy.
Oily Hypocrisy Robert Bryce 08/01/2008
Until the U.S. opens its offshore waters to oil drilling, it will be seen as the world’s worst energy hypocrite.
Fragile by Design Arnold Kling 07/25/2008
If we could start from scratch, we would not create a mortgage finance system dominated by an enormous duopoly.
Risky Business Vincent R. Reinhart 07/23/2008
With Fannie and Freddie, is the government mistaking a ‘first-generation’ crisis for a ‘second-generation’ crisis?