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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
Cuckoo for Switzerland John Fund 03/28/2008
A small country with a skilled workforce, booming exports, and enormous prosperity has become the envy of Europe.
Grading Bernanke: A Symposium THE AMERICAN 03/27/2008
At a time of severe anxiety in the financial world, has the Fed acted wisely? Five experts share their thoughts.
The Fed’s New Alphabet Soup Vincent R. Reinhart 03/24/2008
Federal Reserve officials have effectively rewritten the rules on the role of a central bank in a market economy.
A Tax Scandal in Deutschland Jurgen Reinhoudt 03/20/2008
Rather than seek a Europe-wide crackdown on tax havens, Germany should work to simplify its own Byzantine system.
Capital Ideas Peter J. Wallison 03/19/2008
Lawmakers should turn their attention to persuading banks and other financial intermediaries to raise more capital.
Fighting Recession With Panic John L. Chapman 03/18/2008
Why the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary easing is the wrong solution to America’s economic woes.
Are We In (Or Headed For) a Recession? Diana Furchtgott-Roth 03/13/2008
The evidence is mixed. But it’s certainly possible that America will face only one quarter of negative economic growth.
Doing a Job on NAFTA Philip I. Levy 03/06/2008
Obama’s criticism of the trade deal reflects either a willful disregard of the facts or a poor command of economics.
Why the Crisis? Allan H. Meltzer 02/20/2008
The roots of the subprime meltdown are found in the financial industry’s compensation system and in the Basel Accords.
Escape from New York Peter J. Wallison 02/20/2008
U.S. public securities markets are losing their competitive edge.