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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
The $700 Billion Man: A Symposium THE AMERICAN 09/25/2008
What should we make of the proposed government bank bailout?
Upwardly Mobile America? Stephen Moore 09/22/2008
Are we in a new ‘gilded age’ where the rich are doing well and the poor and middle class are treading water?
Secretary Paulson’s Double-Dog Dare Vincent R. Reinhart 09/18/2008
The line in the sand that Treasury drew over the weekend was obscured within a few days.
Is Europe Headed for a Recession? Desmond Lachman 09/17/2008
Recent economic data paint a gloomy picture.
How China Helps America’s Poor Heather Wilhelm 09/12/2008
The University of Chicago’s Christian Broda says U.S. trade with China has reduced prices and mitigated inequality.
The Pigou Club Goes to Washington Ted Gayer 09/10/2008
Higher pollution taxes make sense, provided the revenues are used to offset existing taxes that distort incentives.
Is U.S. Monetary Policy Really Too Loose? Desmond Lachman 09/03/2008
The Fed shouldn’t hike interest rates until it has clear evidence of stabilization in the housing and credit markets.
Lessons from the Credit Crunch Desmond Lachman 08/12/2008
By now, central bankers should have figured out that this is more than just a liquidity dilemma.
The Folly of Obama’s Tax Plan Alex Brill and Alan D. Viard 08/08/2008
Senator Obama’s proposed ‘tax cuts for the middle class’ are actually marginal rate hikes in disguise.
The Path to Prosperity Amela Karabegovic and Alan W. Dowd 08/07/2008
A new report confirms that low taxes, limited government, and flexible labor markets help to spur economic growth.