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Economic Policy

Big picture coverage of macroeconomics, political economy, and governments' roles in world commerce.
Will It Be the Economy, Stupid? Liz Mair 12/11/2007
2008 might not be the ‘Iraq election’ after all, writes LIZ MAIR.
Canada’s Dollar Daze Christopher Sands 12/07/2007
The reversal of fortunes for the U.S. and Canadian currencies could transform the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship, says CHRISTOPHER SANDS.
An Oily Dilemma Diana Furchtgott-Roth 11/16/2007
High petroleum prices are not in OPEC’s long-term interest, writes DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH.
The Good News From Latin America Duncan Currie 11/15/2007
Despite the rise of Hugo Chávez and the spread of populism, the past half-decade has been a remarkably encouraging period, writes DUNCAN CURRIE.
The China Model Rowan Callick 11/13/2007
How long can economic freedom and political repression coexist? ROWAN CALLICK examines Beijing’s sinister policy formulation.
The Farm Bill Fiasco Liz Mair 11/08/2007
Though serious agriculture reforms are needed, they face an uphill battle in Congress, writes LIZ MAIR.
Guess Who Really Pays the Taxes Stephen Moore 11/08/2007
Yes, income in America is skewed toward the rich. But taxes are skewed far, far more. The top 5 percent pay well over half the income taxes. STEPHEN MOORE has the numbers.
Adjusting to Free Trade Diana Furchtgott-Roth 11/01/2007
Congress can help American workers without sliding toward protectionism, writes DIANA FURCHTGOTT-ROTH.
Meet the New Boss Philip I. Levy 10/31/2007
Robert Zoellick is off to a promising start as World Bank president, writes PHILIP I. LEVY.
Trading Places Alex M. Brill 10/31/2007
Congress has the wrong priorities on trade policy, writes ALEX M. BRILL.