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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
Nixon in China John Steele Gordon 02/19/2014
Nixon’s visit to China turned out to be his greatest moment as president. He had brought about a diplomatic revolution that produced the modern diplomatic world.
Yellen’s Wishful Thinking Desmond Lachman 02/18/2014
The new head of the Federal Reserve is imprudently dismissive of concerns about recent international economic developments.
AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Washington’s Birthday Holiday Amy Kass and Leon Kass 02/17/2014
Americans celebrated Washington’s birthday long before Congress in 1879 declared it a holiday for federal workers in the District of Columbia, and, in 1885, a holiday for federal employees everywhere.
The Looting of Detroit’s Pensions Andrew G. Biggs 02/16/2014
Giving elected officials the power to change the ways that public employees earn future benefits may make the difference in avoiding further Detroits.
The Fact-free Opposition to Keystone XL Benjamin Zycher 02/05/2014
Contrary to opponents of Keystone XL, the pipeline would have virtually no effect on global warming, and the world is not experiencing more frequent and extreme climate-related events.
Crony Capitalism vs. Public Pensions Andrew G. Biggs 02/01/2014
A new union-sponsored study lowballs today’s pension costs by around two-thirds and overstates the net costs of corporate welfare.
The Efficiency of a Carbon Tax: Broadly Accepted and Broadly Wrong Benjamin Zycher 01/31/2014
The standard assumption about the superior efficiency of a carbon tax relative to bans and energy consumption standards is deeply problematic for both scientific and political reasons.
The Federal Reserve's Second 100 Years Alex J. Pollock 01/25/2014
Here are a dozen predictions about the Fed's second century.
AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Amy Kass and Leon Kass 01/20/2014
Americans use this anniversary not only to pay tribute to one man’s efforts in the cause of equal rights, but also to celebrate the Civil Rights Movement as a whole.
California’s Chicken Law and the Commerce Clause Blake Hurst 01/16/2014
The country is awash in legislative efforts to increase regulation of agriculture, but only California has had the chutzpah to impose the preferences of that state’s voters on the rest of the country.