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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
California’s Chicken Law and the Commerce Clause Blake Hurst 01/16/2014
The country is awash in legislative efforts to increase regulation of agriculture, but only California has had the chutzpah to impose the preferences of that state’s voters on the rest of the country.
The Recipe for Good Government Arnold Kling 01/14/2014
If we compare countries around the world, what factors are generally associated with good governance and what factors are associated with bad governance?
Europe’s Outlook in 2014 Desmond Lachman 01/12/2014
With European policymakers complacent, it is unlikely that progress will be made this year in reducing Europe’s record unemployment rate or in preventing a further fragmentation of its politics.
Reagan’s Farewell Address at 25 Steven F. Hayward 01/11/2014
The main point in Reagan’s farewell address, a quarter-century ago today, remains relevant to the current dominant debate: expanding government control of the economy is not the way to advance equality.
War on Poverty Needs New Strategy Josh Good 01/08/2014
Since LBJ’s War on Poverty was launched, America has witnessed an unprecedented rise in cohabitation, divorce, and out-of-wedlock births. In 2014, reforms should promote personal dignity and encourage work and responsible fatherhood.
The First Presidential Election and Other Firsts John Steele Gordon 01/07/2014
The first presidential election was 225 years ago today. Although it was not democratic, it was a first in human history.
How to Clean Up the Senate’s Nuclear Fallout Michael M. Rosen 12/12/2013
It would be a mistake for Republicans to perpetuate Senator Reid’s drastic changes to Senate procedures on nominations. Here’s a proposal for restoring the upper chamber’s deliberate and effective functioning.
Why Greece Will Leave the Euro Desmond Lachman 12/06/2013
As Greece's political and economic conditions worsen, the conventional wisdom about Greece never abandoning the euro will be sorely tested.
Newspeak's Comeback and the Invincible Sincerity of America's Liberal Elite Lee Harris 12/04/2013
The president was not lying when he promised that people could keep their existing health insurance. He was using Newspeak, a language which allows reigning liberals to convince themselves that they aren't restricting others' liberties.
AEI Classics: The Origins and Traditions of Thanksgiving Amy Kass and Leon Kass 11/26/2013
As Americans settle in to celebrate another Thanksgiving, we look back at the holiday's history.