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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
LNG Exports: 'A Good-Faith Test' for President Obama Benjamin Zycher 04/08/2014
For the environmental Left, pursuit of their policy goals requires neither consistency nor evidence.
Crude (Oil) Politics Kenneth P. Green and Alan W. Dowd 04/02/2014
The Obama administration's approach to the public policy challenge of energy production and consumption ignores three important energy realities.
Asian Americans Resist Racial Preferences Abigail Thernstrom 03/30/2014
California Democrats have proposed a new referendum that would reinstate racial preferences in higher education, but the state's Asian Americans are rebelling.
Hoping for China's Success Vaclav Smil 03/28/2014
There is one effort in which everybody should wish to see China successful: preservation of the country’s farmland. It has already been reduced to well below the level needed to keep the country self-sufficient in grain production.
A National Minimum Wage Is a Bad Fit for Low-Cost Communities Andrew Biggs and Mark J. Perry 03/26/2014
A one-size-fits-all minimum wage, without any adjustments for the significant differences in the cost of living across the country, will disproportionately affect low-skilled workers in low-cost areas.
The Proper Size of Government Sean Speer and Charles Lammam 03/23/2014
Based on a large body of empirical research examining the relationship between the size of government and economic outcomes, the United States should scale back.
Why the Patient CARE Act Proposal Isn’t Ready to Replace Obamacare Thomas P. Miller 03/20/2014
Capitol Hill Republicans’ latest plan to replace the Affordable Care Act falls short of what is needed to reverse the downward drift of our over-regulated, over-subsidized, and over-politicized health care system.
Tribal Wisdom in Modern Times Michael M. Rosen 03/19/2014
An ambitious new book grapples with some of the thorniest socio-moral questions ever to have bedeviled political philosophers, falling short when it attempts to apply its meta-morality to a practical issue.
Senator Warren Gets Taken In by a False Analysis Peter J. Wallison and Edward J. Pinto 03/17/2014
A St. Louis Fed paper is being cited as 'proof' that affordable housing goals did not contribute to the subprime mortgage boom. While it might delight some lawmakers by supporting their position, the paper’s analysis is mistaken.
Tempest at a Tea Party James V. DeLong 03/16/2014
For 50 years, the IRS has been exceeding its authority. The agency should get out of the business of regulating political speech.