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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
Unlawful Legislation John C. Fortier 02/27/2009
A bill granting D.C. a full voting member of Congress may soon become law, but it will be unconstitutional.
The Worst Option on Greenhouse Gases Kenneth P. Green 02/25/2009
Eighty-five percent of everything Americans do with energy might soon be regulated by the EPA.
From Democracy to Dictatorship Roger F. Noriega 02/18/2009
Chávez’s march toward dictatorship began a decade ago. It is almost complete.
Democracy is Under Attack in Nicaragua Jaime Daremblum 02/03/2009
The sinister pact between Daniel Ortega and Arnoldo Alemán continues to poison Central America’s poorest country.
Chávez Is Weakened But Still Dangerous Jaime Daremblum 01/22/2009
Rocked by plunging oil prices and waning influence abroad, the Venezuelan president is attempting another power grab.
Lincoln and Inaugurations Past and Present Robert McHenry 01/16/2009
It is part of our common inherited good fortune to be of one of those ages to which Lincoln belongs.
Obama’s Green Team Kenneth P. Green 01/16/2009
We can expect a proliferation of new regulations that will reach into every area of American life and commerce.
Tough Challenges at the FDA John E. Calfee 01/15/2009
Obama’s FDA commissioner should avoid actions that make the drug development process more costly and inefficient.
Regulating Our Way to Freedom? Robert Hahn 01/08/2009
A new Congress may be tempted to add a new layer of regulation to the Internet.
Don’t Bail Out the Big Three Daniel J. Ikenson 11/21/2008
The U.S. auto industry needs a shakeout, not a bailout. What we are witnessing is an attempted shakedown.