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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
Dollars and Sense Duncan Currie 10/17/2008
What would the McCain and Obama tax plans mean for the capital stock, economic growth, and effective marginal rates?
The Rise of ‘Convenience Voting’ Jessica Leval and Jennifer Marsico 10/16/2008
Over the past three decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of absentee and early voters.
The Election About Nothing Rebecca Walberg 10/14/2008
Canada’s parliamentary campaign has been remarkably frivolous.
First State Follies Michael M. Rosen 10/14/2008
Joe Biden has long supported Delaware’s curious combination of corporate welfare and social welfare.
A Brief History of the Modern Presidential Debate Jessica Leval 09/29/2008
Most Americans may not realize that formal presidential debates are a somewhat recent phenomenon.
The Limits of Obamamania in Europe Victor Davis Hanson 09/23/2008
Beneath the popular craze are a number of significant concerns.
The Worst Energy Ideas of 2008 Abigail Haddad 09/19/2008
Both presidential candidates have made arguments and endorsed policies that are inconsistent with economic reality.
2009: A White House Odyssey Duncan Currie 09/11/2008
How would a McCain administration or an Obama administration actually govern?
The Real McCain Duncan Currie 09/05/2008
In last night’s speech, the Arizona senator sought to establish his independence from the unpopular GOP brand.
Palin’s Dazzling Performance Duncan Currie 09/04/2008
Republicans are gushing over the Alaska governor’s primetime debut, and for good reason.