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Who Should Decide the Size of Your TV? Max Schulz 04/10/2009
As part of its effort to combat global warming, California is considering a proposal to regulate big-screen TVs off the market.
Did They Really Believe House Prices Could Not Go Down? Alex J. Pollock 04/09/2009
A wise saying is, ‘Many things previously considered impossible nevertheless came to pass.’
Can the IMF Really Save the World Economy? Desmond Lachman 04/08/2009
Increasing the IMF’s resources does virtually nothing to ameliorate the unprecedented slump presently afflicting the world’s major industrialized countries.
Obama and the Matrix Mark W. Davis 04/07/2009
We face an unpredictable interplay between terrorists, enabler states, and reckless world powers that support them.
Obama Healthcare 2.0 Thomas P. Miller 04/02/2009
The president’s opening offer of healthcare at a teaser rate fails to deliver what we actually need, value, and can afford.
The Mullah, the Caudillo, and the Terrorist Apoorva Shah 04/01/2009
Iranian activity in Latin America is a significant and growing subversive threat. So why is America shunning its allies in the region?
Starvation Nation Michael Magan 03/31/2009
In anticipation of a missile test, North Korean officials have already halted international food aid.
Sea Change in the Pacific Dan Blumenthal 03/25/2009
China dislikes the rules of maritime behavior written when it was less powerful. How will the United States respond?
Stability Still Under Construction Adam Paul 03/23/2009
Monday’s announcement from Secretary Geithner still leaves several questions unanswered.
Public Outrage as a Systemic Risk Philip I. Levy 03/23/2009
Without bankruptcy, it is hard to avoid rewarding failure.