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Tactical coverage of politics, usually from inside the Beltway.
The Rise of ‘Convenience Voting’ Jessica Leval and Jennifer Marsico 10/16/2008
Over the past three decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of absentee and early voters.
The Election About Nothing Rebecca Walberg 10/14/2008
Canada’s parliamentary campaign has been remarkably frivolous.
First State Follies Michael M. Rosen 10/14/2008
Joe Biden has long supported Delaware’s curious combination of corporate welfare and social welfare.
A Brief History of the Modern Presidential Debate Jessica Leval 09/29/2008
Most Americans may not realize that formal presidential debates are a somewhat recent phenomenon.
The Limits of Obamamania in Europe Victor Davis Hanson 09/23/2008
Beneath the popular craze are a number of significant concerns.
The Worst Energy Ideas of 2008 Abigail Haddad 09/19/2008
Both presidential candidates have made arguments and endorsed policies that are inconsistent with economic reality.
2009: A White House Odyssey Duncan Currie 09/11/2008
How would a McCain administration or an Obama administration actually govern?
The Real McCain Duncan Currie 09/05/2008
In last night’s speech, the Arizona senator sought to establish his independence from the unpopular GOP brand.
Palin’s Dazzling Performance Duncan Currie 09/04/2008
Republicans are gushing over the Alaska governor’s primetime debut, and for good reason.
Bush Who? Duncan Currie 09/03/2008
Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman make the case for John McCain.