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Reflections on the here and now.
Melodrama at the Met Rebecca Burgess 07/20/2014
The 130-year-old Metropolitan Opera is under threat from unions – and philanthropists.
Uber Upstarts: Technological Progress and Its Discontents Michael M. Rosen 07/18/2014
The battle between new smartphone-enabled 'transportation network companies' and legacy taxicabs largely mirrors the age-old war over productivity, a war that only ever has one outcome.
The Most Important of Unimportant Things Joseph Epstein 07/16/2014
During the last few weeks, one’s confidence about the essential unimportance of sports has been cast into the shadows of doubt.
This Astounding Enterprise Ralph Kinney Bennett 07/03/2014
'The first self-constituted, self-declared, self-created people in the history of the world.'
The Refrigerator's Cool Century Edward Tenner 07/03/2014
The home refrigerator, a vital but modest technology, is 100 years old.
The EPA Overreaches Again Blake Hurst 06/23/2014
A new EPA rule is a disaster for farmers and the traditional understanding of the relationship between the federal government and the states.
What a Father Taught Me Ralph Kinney Bennett 06/15/2014
He helped me penetrate the mystery of fatherhood, even if it is a bit late.
Stanley Cup Blues Joseph Epstein 06/08/2014
As much as I’ve grown to love hockey, I can’t bring myself to watch the ongoing Stanley Cup finals.
New FDA E-cigarette Regulations: Killing an Industry, Killing Smokers Gilbert Ross, M.D. 05/14/2014
If the FDA's proposed regulations go into force, the likely outcome is a severe reduction in consumer choice, and thus fewer smokers quitting and more dying needlessly.
Lost, in Theory Robert McHenry 05/01/2014
A new book holds that full and faithful translation from one language to another is not possible, hence World Literature cannot be.