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Reflections on the here and now.
An American Thanksgiving Ralph Kinney Bennett 11/26/2013
We are a grateful nation. And because we are a grateful nation, we are a generous nation. Our founders were steeped in this idea, and it is still strong among us.
October Is the Richest Month for Sports Joseph Epstein 10/16/2013
The greatest month to be a sports fan.
Not Being There Joseph Epstein 08/22/2013
Don’t let the hype fool you: the best place to watch the U.S. Open and many other sports these days is from your couch.
The Missouri Table: A Response to Ethical Foodies From a ‘Factory Farmer’ Blake Hurst and Julie Hurst 07/29/2013
Trendy urbanites dining in the Berkshires can chastise “factory farmers” all they want, but commercial farming today is a modern miracle, satisfying the needs of millions.
Rediscovering American Exceptionalism Josh Good 07/12/2013
In his latest book, Charles Murray says that today's America would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.
What a Father Taught Me Ralph Kinney Bennett 06/16/2013
He helped me penetrate the mystery of fatherhood, even if it is a bit late.
Batter Up Joseph Epstein 05/11/2013
The national pastime may be past its time. But those who think it’s boring need to think again.
Is Football on Its Deathbed? Alan W. Dowd 05/05/2013
Lawsuits over players’ brain injuries have some saying football is dead. In fact, it has dislodged baseball as the national pastime and will remain America’s passion for decades to come.
Lessons from a Feminist Paradise on Equal Pay Day Christina Hoff Sommers 04/09/2013
Sweden seems to be an egalitarian, feminist utopia. So why are American women ahead of their Swedish counterparts in breaking through the glass ceiling?
Expecting the Unexpecting Michael M. Rosen 03/25/2013
Jonathan Last’s recent book gives an incisive analysis of the plummeting U.S. birth rate's key economic effects.