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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
North Korea's Paradoxical Upswing in Trade Nicholas Eberstadt 06/04/2014
Never before has the North Korean economy been so totally dependent on the largesse of a single trade patron as it appears to be today.
The Left’s Limits on Free Speech Michael M. Rosen 04/23/2014
The contemporary legal and political Left values political free speech only insofar as it leads to collective action.
Taking Religion Seriously Charles Murray 04/18/2014
A good way to jar yourself out of unreflective atheism is to read about contemporary science.
Absurdities at the IRS Aparna Mathur 04/13/2014
Under tax law, stolen property, bribes, kickbacks, and income from other illegal activities must be counted as income. Embezzlers, thieves, and bootleggers may also take deductions for costs relating to criminal activity.
Congress Should Promote Charter Schools Arnold Kling 04/06/2014
States are inhibiting educational entrepreneurship; Congress should step in and provide funding to states to facilitate further charter school growth.
Asian Americans Resist Racial Preferences Abigail Thernstrom 03/30/2014
California Democrats have proposed a new referendum that would reinstate racial preferences in higher education, but the state's Asian Americans are rebelling.
Pre-K vs. Back Pay: Personnel Costs Threaten Progressive Goals Stephen D. Eide 03/13/2014
If universal pre-K is as critical as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio insists, funding should be found by cutting lower-priority programs, not through his proposed new income tax.
San Francisco's Growing Class Conflict Scott Beyer 03/11/2014
Instead of protesting better private transportation for others, San Franciscans should demand improved public services.
The Post-Protestant Ethic and Spirit of America Joseph Bottum 02/22/2014
The new elite class of America is the old one: America’s mainline Protestant Christians in both the glory and the annoyingness of their moral confidence and spiritual certainty. They just stripped out the Christianity along the way.
The Playing Fields of Suburbia Joseph Epstein 02/12/2014
Adult involvement may be a chief cause of children’s declining participation in sports.