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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
Immigration and America’s Broken Civics Education System Christina Hoff Sommers 07/24/2013
America’s schools no longer teach our history or celebrate our unique culture, devaluing a powerful force for national unity.
5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About The Common Core Michael McShane 07/15/2013
The Common Core has the potential to be a positive force in education, but parents must be vigilant.
America's Birthday: The True Meaning of July 4 (Part 3) Amy Kass and Leon Kass 07/03/2013
All Americans would agree that July 4th is an important date for our nation, but we have constantly debated its meaning and the proper way to celebrate it, with interpretations changing over time and in particular circumstances.
America’s Birthday: The True Meaning of July 4 (Part 2) Amy Kass and Leon Kass 07/02/2013
In speeches delivered nearly 10 years apart, two men from very different backgrounds – one a president and one a former slave – reflect on the meaning of July 4th and the Declaration for themselves and their nation.
America’s Birthday: The True Meaning of July 4 (Part 1) Amy Kass and Leon Kass 07/01/2013
The Declaration of Independence is the birth announcement of the American Republic. Do we understand its full meaning? Does our modern Republic live up to its promise?
Warning Pollution Ike Brannon 06/26/2013
Transportation and municipal authorities have inundated the public with warnings, alerts, and notifications. The effort may be counterproductive; it is certainly annoying.
Benghazi Matters Ambassador Richard S. Williamson 06/11/2013
The Benghazi attack raises fundamental questions on how to keep America safe and whether to trust the administration. We need a substantive debate on how to protect America against the growing threat of Islamic extremists.
Tribal Politics in the 21st Century Arnold Kling 06/04/2013
Progressives, conservatives, and libertarians each have a mythology in which they are the heroes and the other tribes are villains. Partisans of these three ideologies even speak different languages.
Fallen Heroes, Never Forgotten Ralph Kinney Bennett 05/25/2013
Toward a deeper gratitude for our freedom, with a clean pride in a country that has spilled so much of its blood for others.
Desegregation by Deliciousness Michael McShane 02/27/2013
What schools can learn from barbeque restaurants.