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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
Debt and the Constitution John Steele Gordon 12/13/2012
Congress and Congress alone is granted the power ‘to borrow money on the credit of the United States.’ Can Congress delegate that power to the president and restrain its own ability to take the power back?
Teachers and the License Raj Andrew G. Biggs 12/12/2012
Requiring prospective teachers to take a rigorous ‘bar exam,’ as union chief Randi Weingarten proposes, is the wrong way to recruit and assess teachers.
A Tax Morass Only a Lawyer Could Love Ilya Shapiro and Matt Gilliam 12/10/2012
The IRS is beginning to implement a tax penalty that poses some very real economic and constitutional dangers, including the harassment of taxpayers for political ends.
The Guardians Ralph Kinney Bennett 11/12/2012
They have kept a rendezvous with death, stiffened their sinews in times of alarm, and made the best of the misery of the battlefield and the tedium of the long watch in wars both hot and cold.
Are We Doomed No Matter Who Wins? Michael M. Rosen 11/05/2012
At first glance it certainly appears that way.
From McGovern to Obama Michael Barone 10/22/2012
If you look at the map of the states where McGovern ran ahead of his national average, you see something very much like the map of the states carried by Obama.
Should Romney Seek the Public Sector Vote? Pete Peterson 10/11/2012
Government workers are ready for a conservative pitch.
Will California Become a Right-to-Give State? Michael M. Rosen 09/27/2012
How the Golden State may unshackle workers from their union overlords.
Obama and Second Chances Lee Harris 09/20/2012
The voters who really matter are those who, like me, were willing to give Obama a chance the first time around, but who, after watching his performance over the last four years, are not at all sure that they are willing to give him another.
Dog-Whistling Dixie? Gerard Alexander 09/13/2012
The accusation of GOP race-baiting seems like an election year constant. But it has changed in two crucial ways that have severely eroded its power.