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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
Life After Kelo Duncan Currie 06/08/2007
Nearly two years later, how goes the fight for eminent domain reform?
A Cell in Time Saves Lives? Michael Fragoso 06/08/2007
Yesterday’s theatrics over stem cell funding overshadowed the real news: Scientists are finding ethical, alternative ways to get the same work done.
Biofuels or Bio-fools? Laura Vanderkam 06/01/2007
Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley legend, is leading the venture capital rush into replacements for gasoline: biofuels made from corn and rougher stuff like switchgrass. But if prices fall and political subsidies vanish, the bubble may burst.
Banking on Zoellick Philip I. Levy 05/30/2007
The World Bank needs strong leadership, not timidity.
Stop the Crime That Keeps on Stealing Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. 05/30/2007
Simple steps can prevent identity theft.
A Bettor World Caren Chesler 05/25/2007
Once apprenticed to a bookie, Justin Wolfers of Wharton now draws economic insight from the behavior of gamblers.
E-Voting Threatens Election Integrity Timothy B. Lee 05/23/2007
Rush Holt’s bill, which was recently approved by a House committee, would be a big improvement.
Carbon Taxes Versus Carbon Markets: What’s the Best Way to Limit Emissions? Ronald Bailey 05/18/2007
Cap-and-trade markets have greater political momentum, but most economists favor a carbon tax. Here’s our guide to the debate.
The Grand Bipartisan Trade Deal Claude Barfield 05/16/2007
What have Congress and the White House really agreed to on trade? It’s hard to say, judging from their widely differing views of last week’s deal.
Enter a ‘Hellish Place’ Luke Mullins 05/15/2007
Tougher rules and longer sentences mean that prison for white-collar inmates is no longer Club Fed. Prisoner No. 20532-050 tells his eyewitness story to Luke Mullins.