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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
Blue Skies, High Anxiety Joel Schwartz 05/11/2007
Our air is cleaner than it’s been in a century, writes Joel Schwartz. So why do Americans worry it’s so dirty and dangerous?
The Upside of Income Inequality Gary S. Becker and Kevin M. Murphy 05/07/2007
Much of the widening gap in incomes reflects the rising payoff for a college education and other skills. Rising payoffs are a development that the authors, economists who have won the Nobel Prize and the Clark Prize, call ‘beneficial and desirable.’
These Shots Won’t Drive Gun Control Daniel P. Taylor 05/04/2007
The Virginia Tech massacre shows how much ground advocates have lost.
Property Rights at Risk in New Jersey Duncan Currie 04/23/2007
Eminent domain and “pay-to-play” are a dangerous combination.
On Earth Day, Remember The Humans Indur M. Goklany 04/22/2007
The same noble impulse that helped us clean up is now causing trouble.
A Valuable New Airline Service You May Not Have Noticed Evan Sparks 04/10/2007
By making their pricing structures transparent, discount airlines are forcing candor and efficiency on the whole industry.
The Twenty-Five Hundred Years’ War Victor Davis Hanson 03/30/2007
Persians have been at odds with the West and neighboring Asians since the battle of Thermopylae. Today’s nuclear showdown is history repeating itself. Classicist Victor Davis Hanson tells what we can learn.
The End of Fatalism Paul Howard 03/28/2007
Policymakers used to think nothing could keep ex-convicts from returning to prison. Welfare reform changed that.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Medicare But Were Too Confused to Ask Joseph Antos 03/27/2007
It’s America’s largest and most endangered health insurance program. Changes that give consumers more say—like the new Part D drug benefit—are helpful, but we’ll have to make tough trade-offs in the years ahead.
New Orleans, Mon Amour Tom Bethell 03/23/2007
What’s really been happening since Hurricane Katrina? Tom Bethell, dismayed by media coverage, traveled back to the beautiful and tragic city where he once lived for a firsthand view. He found this story of rebirth.