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Public Square

What's happening in the "third places" beyond home and work.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Medicare But Were Too Confused to Ask Joseph Antos 03/27/2007
It’s America’s largest and most endangered health insurance program. Changes that give consumers more say—like the new Part D drug benefit—are helpful, but we’ll have to make tough trade-offs in the years ahead.
New Orleans, Mon Amour Tom Bethell 03/23/2007
What’s really been happening since Hurricane Katrina? Tom Bethell, dismayed by media coverage, traveled back to the beautiful and tragic city where he once lived for a firsthand view. He found this story of rebirth.
Today's Bipartisan Issue: Sneaky Spending Véronique de Rugy 03/22/2007
A bill pending in the House shows that neither party can resist.
A Little-Known Map of Tax Policy Alex Brill 03/15/2007
Geography and the literal political landscape are helping shape the response to the Alternative Minimum Tax.
Saving Dentistry From the Jaws of Defeat Michael F. Cannon 03/12/2007
The best way to get more teeth clean would be to end restrictions on dental hygienists.
Taking Illegals to the Bank Barry A. Liebling 03/12/2007
Bank of America’s new credit card program encourages responsibility—isn’t that a good thing?
Billions and Billions Timothy J. Ryan 03/07/2007
The seemingly astronomical sums we spend on politics look much smaller in context.
Reading the Tea Leaves Charles T. Stewart, Jr. 03/05/2007
Declining literacy guarantees a less thoughtful public square.
Will Mayoral Control Make the Grade? Frederick M. Hess 03/01/2007
D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty plans to wrest control of the city’s public schools away from the elected school board, mimicking a national trend. But results will depend on concrete actions to fix the schools—not on which bureaucracy has control.
Reaganomics Revealed Robert A. Schadler 02/08/2007
A new book traces the late president’s philosophy to a turbulent decade at General Electric.