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Science & Technology

Innovation and its consequences.
California’s New Solar Plant: Burning Up Taxpayer Money, Land, and Wildlife Benjamin Zycher 05/21/2014
While the federal government receives net payments for electricity-related oil and gas production on federal land, the net subsidy for the new Ivanpah solar plant is almost 300 times greater.
New FDA E-cigarette Regulations: Killing an Industry, Killing Smokers Gilbert Ross, M.D. 05/14/2014
If the FDA's proposed regulations go into force, the likely outcome is a severe reduction in consumer choice, and thus fewer smokers quitting and more dying needlessly.
Crowdfunders' Losing Deal Adam Gomolin 04/04/2014
Shouldn’t those who contribute the funds to launch successful startups also share in any profits?
Could Computers Get Too Smart? Edward Tenner 02/07/2014
Some scientists and philosophers worry that artificial intelligence may someday make humanity superfluous.
Sweden’s Swing toward a Free Market Michael M. Rosen 01/29/2014
Startups and regulatory restraint have fueled Swedish economic growth.
‘Cleantech’ Gets Clocked By 60 Minutes, and the Usual Suspects Try to Make Lemonade Benjamin Zycher 01/23/2014
Despite massive taxpayer-funded subsidies, ‘clean energy’ is a failure because it remains far too expensive to compete in the marketplace.
How Teachers Can Best Use Tech Frederick Hess and Tom Vander Ark 01/09/2014
Technology is creating a revolution that could profoundly improve our schools, but getting digital learning right is more about the planning than the purchase order.
Higher Education’s Internet Revolution Edward Tenner 12/26/2013
The biggest surprise about Massive Open Online Courses is how conservative they are.
Scientific Groupthink and Gay Parenting Richard E. Redding 12/18/2013
The controversy over a recent study on gay parenting illustrates a sociopolitical groupthink operating in the social scientific community. Scientists should go where the science takes them, not where their politics does.
The Arctic Becomes a Hot Spot Alan W. Dowd 12/08/2013
The main source of global energy reserves and geopolitical tensions could shift in the not-too-distant future from the Middle East to the Arctic. Here’s why.