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Science & Technology

Innovation and its consequences.
Q&A: Energy Independence Steven F. Hayward 05/17/2007
‘Energy independence’ may be a hollow slogan, but ‘energy security’ is something we can achieve. Separating fact from fantasy, Steven Hayward shows how.
The Controversy Over Super Wool Nicholas Antongiavanni 05/15/2007
Better sheep-breeding techniques and advances in loom technology have made the cloth that goes into men’s suits finer and softer. But, Nicholas Antongiavanni asks, are the suits really better?
Solar Power’s Time to Shine? Ilya Shapiro 05/14/2007
Thanks to cheaper solar cells, the technology may finally be economically viable, says a new book.
Blue Skies, High Anxiety Joel Schwartz 05/11/2007
Our air is cleaner than it’s been in a century, writes Joel Schwartz. So why do Americans worry it’s so dirty and dangerous?
On Nantucket Sound, Environmentalists Find an Alternative Use for Their Energy Laura Vanderkam 05/11/2007
A new book chronicle’s the liberal locals’ struggle to stop an unsightly wind farm.
Hot Rocks, Cool Technology Nick Schulz 05/07/2007
Greener than wind or solar, geothermal energy gets little attention—even though, as Nick Schulz writes, it could provide 2,000 times our current power needs.
What a New, Earth-like Planet Could Mean Bethany Ehlmann 04/30/2007
Are we alone?
Vonage is the Latest Victim of Patent Abuse Timothy B. Lee 04/24/2007
Today’s hearing shows that a system, not just a company, is broken.
On Earth Day, Remember The Humans Indur M. Goklany 04/22/2007
The same noble impulse that helped us clean up is now causing trouble.
The Man Who Made Our World Jacob Foster 04/20/2007
A new biography of Albert Einstein illuminates the human side of the scientist who taught us how to imagine our universe.