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Innovation and its consequences.
Just How Polluted Is China Anyway? Vaclav Smil 01/31/2013
Decades ago, I wrote the first comprehensive books on China’s energy and environment. I have not been surprised by the country’s continuing environmental degradation; even so, I could not have predicted such a deterioration of air quality.
China’s Sick Yellow River Roger Bate 01/31/2013
China’s water pollution is even worse than its better-known air pollution. As long as the Chinese people have few private rights, government-backed pollution will continue.
Ignorance, the Ultimate Asset Bret Swanson 01/24/2013
To understand the success of modern knowledge economies and why government planning is folly, we must first understand that ignorance truly is bliss.
Voyager I at the Heliopause John Steele Gordon 01/18/2013
An extension of human ingenuity will soon reach the farthest limit of the sun’s empire. Beyond is true interstellar space.
Depending on Energy, Not Energy Independent Kenneth P. Green 12/17/2012
When considering energy independence, one has to strive for clear thinking and consider all of the potential tradeoffs and potential unintended consequences involved.
The Impossibility of Rapid Energy Transitions Kenneth P. Green 12/06/2012
Understanding energy system inertia and momentum is key to judging whether a rapid transition toward any type of energy is feasible.
Jeremy Grantham, Starving for Facts Vaclav Smil 12/05/2012
A column by legendary asset manager Jeremy Grantham is more suitable for the tabloids than for one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious scientific weekly magazines.
Gushing about America’s Energy Future Desmond Lachman 12/03/2012
A triumph of market forces rather than government planning.
Far from Electrifying Vaclav Smil 11/26/2012
Electric car hopes never die — but electric realities keep intervening.
Why Growth Is the Environment’s Best Friend Kenneth P. Green 11/07/2012
The single best thing we could do to minimize energy’s impact on the environment is to not only maximize our own economic growth but also to help developing countries increase theirs.