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Science & Technology

Innovation and its consequences.
The 'Science' of Global Warming, Part 1 Kenneth P. Green 10/07/2013
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is a document intended to further the narrative of catastrophic man-made climate change.
The Value of Scientific Prizes Edward Tenner 10/02/2013
As the number of prizes for scientific achievement rises, the debate over their effects on scientists and science continues.
AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated (Part 2)? Christina Hoff Sommers 09/11/2013
Single-sex education has a long history of success and provides parents with choice.
AEI Debates: Should Single-Sex Education Be Eliminated? Lise Eliot 09/10/2013
Single-sex education is neither beneficial nor necessary and fails to prepare either boys or girls for their future in American society.
Sorting Out the High-Tech Patent Mess Claude Barfield 09/05/2013
Recent action by the U.S. trade representative highlights the need for reform in America’s high-tech patent sector.
A Fascinating Report from the Government Accountability Office Benjamin Zycher 09/04/2013
The bureaucracy’s analysis of green jobs leaves a lot to be desired.
The Paradox of Patent Assertion Entities Thomas A. Hemphill 08/12/2013
The federal government is taking some big steps to reform patent law with PAEs, but what kind of new regulation is really needed?
The President’s Broken Window Fallacy: Carbon Policies and Jobs Benjamin Zycher 07/10/2013
It is time to expose the flawed jobs reasoning behind President Obama’s new carbon plan.
'Carbon Pollution' and Wealth Redistribution Benjamin Zycher 06/26/2013
President Obama’s recently proposed policies will do little to combat climate change — but they will do much for his political and economic objectives.
A Roundup: Myriad, Monsanto, and the Supreme Court Michael M. Rosen 06/18/2013
In recent rulings on patents, the Supreme Court spoke with a rare, single voice, devising a framework that encourages innovation while also ensuring that its fruits are enjoyed fairly by consumers.