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Science & Technology

Innovation and its consequences.
A Roundup: Myriad, Monsanto, and the Supreme Court Michael M. Rosen 06/18/2013
In recent rulings on patents, the Supreme Court spoke with a rare, single voice, devising a framework that encourages innovation while also ensuring that its fruits are enjoyed fairly by consumers.
‘Environmental Justice,’ EPA Style Steven F. Hayward 06/09/2013
If the EPA wants to help low-income and minority populations, it should stick to promoting technologies that reduce pollution for everyone, rather than making environmental issues about racial justice.
China and the Cyber Challenge Lara Crouch 06/06/2013
Cyber issues will likely determine the tenor of U.S.-China ties over the coming months, and how the United States addresses these problems will be a harbinger of its overall approach to the challenge China poses.
Earth Day and Four Decades of Fear Benjamin Zycher 04/22/2013
A vast array of blatherings have accumulated over the years, warning the end is nigh.
Greed Is Green: How the Profit Motive Helps the Environment Pierre Desrochers 04/19/2013
The search for increased profitability has long delivered both economic and environmental improvements by promoting the evermore efficient use of material resources.
A Dream Delayed: Man’s Mission to Mars Robert McHenry 03/15/2013
NASA has decided that private enterprise will have to take on the job of reaching Mars. A new generation of space-minded tycoons is ready for the mission. We can do it.
America’s Broadband Service Is Not Falling Behind Roslyn Layton 02/28/2013
It’s easy to think that the grass is greener abroad, but when it comes to broadband being delivered efficiently, there’s no place like home.
Memories of Peak Oil Vaclav Smil 02/21/2013
Is it too much to hope that even some catastrophists and peak-oil cultists will find it impossible to ignore the latest numbers?
Just How Polluted Is China Anyway? Vaclav Smil 01/31/2013
Decades ago, I wrote the first comprehensive books on China’s energy and environment. I have not been surprised by the country’s continuing environmental degradation; even so, I could not have predicted such a deterioration of air quality.
China’s Sick Yellow River Roger Bate 01/31/2013
China’s water pollution is even worse than its better-known air pollution. As long as the Chinese people have few private rights, government-backed pollution will continue.