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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
Nixon in China John Steele Gordon 02/19/2014
Nixon’s visit to China turned out to be his greatest moment as president. He had brought about a diplomatic revolution that produced the modern diplomatic world.
For Venezuelan Regime, the Party’s Over Roger F. Noriega 02/18/2014
With intensifying unrest and the Maduro regime fighting a losing battle for survival, it appears that Hugo Chávez’s ‘Bolivarian revolution’ will outlive him by about a year.
The Recipe for Good Government Arnold Kling 01/14/2014
If we compare countries around the world, what factors are generally associated with good governance and what factors are associated with bad governance?
Europe’s Outlook in 2014 Desmond Lachman 01/12/2014
With European policymakers complacent, it is unlikely that progress will be made this year in reducing Europe’s record unemployment rate or in preventing a further fragmentation of its politics.
A Good Half-Century and a Bad One: What Will the Next 50 Years Be Like? Paul Wolfowitz 01/01/2014
The world today is more secure, prosperous, and free than it was 50 years ago, but an effective Western alliance is vital if we're going to sustain that progress.
Mexico’s Reforms: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Roger F. Noriega and Felipe Trigos 12/16/2013
Mexico’s Congress has delivered an energy reform plan that could alter Mexico’s economic outlook for decades to come, but its populist tax policies and profligate spending threaten the steady growth the country has achieved in recent years.
Georgian Elections and ‘the Great Game’ Ambassador Richard S. Williamson 11/08/2013
With the recent presidential election, Georgians have reached another milestone toward sustainable democracy. But Russia still seeks to pull Georgia into its sphere of influence, and the United States is failing to act.
The Global Vatican: A Supra-National Force for Good Ambassador Francis Rooney 10/30/2013
The Catholic Church has been disparaged at times throughout its long history, and sometimes rightly. But while it has occasionally fallen short of its ideals, that does not overshadow the good it has accomplished — and can accomplish in the future.
Europe’s Deflation Challenge Desmond Lachman 10/29/2013
Easy global liquidity from quantitative easing in the United States has masked deflation and public debt vulnerability in the European periphery, and the European Central Bank shows little sign of pursuing policies to address these threats.
Crunch Time for the Trans-Pacific Pact — and for U.S. Leadership in Asia Claude Barfield 10/10/2013
At a crucial time in U.S.-Asian relations, China is stealing the limelight. America needs to get back in the game.