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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
The State of Economic Freedom, Part 2: Success Stories The Editors 08/06/2013
What do Rwanda, Brazil, Texas, Peru, Mexico, and Panama all have in common?
The Truth About Mugabe’s Land Reform Douglas Rogers 07/31/2013
As Zimbabweans go to the polls today, it is time to set the record straight about Robert Mugabe’s land reform. Some are now calling it a success. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Imbalance: Institutions and the Chinese Economy, Past and Present Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane 07/25/2013
China was once the world’s leading economic power, but over time it fell behind the West. Why did this happen? Can it return to its earlier greatness?
The European Central Bank’s Clay Feet Desmond Lachman 07/23/2013
The president of the ECB should not believe his own hype: Europe’s economic crisis is far from over.
The G8’s Exercise in Nostalgia Claude Barfield 06/25/2013
The G8 initiated formal negotiations on a U.S.-EU Free Trade Agreement, but there are reasons to be skeptical about its future. Of greater importance to the United States is the successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Dreams of a New Atlantic-Pacific Passage Edward Tenner 06/19/2013
Nicaragua’s legislature has approved a plan for a canal to rival Panama’s. But with challenges including financial viability and seismic stability, the canal may be more valuable as a radiant future than as a reality.
The ECB Delays at Europe’s Peril Desmond Lachman 06/13/2013
Without bold action from the European Central Bank, it is difficult to see how the European periphery can avoid sinking ever deeper into economic recession in the months ahead.
Benghazi Matters Ambassador Richard S. Williamson 06/11/2013
The Benghazi attack raises fundamental questions on how to keep America safe and whether to trust the administration. We need a substantive debate on how to protect America against the growing threat of Islamic extremists.
China and the Cyber Challenge Lara Crouch 06/06/2013
Cyber issues will likely determine the tenor of U.S.-China ties over the coming months, and how the United States addresses these problems will be a harbinger of its overall approach to the challenge China poses.
Putin’s Petro State Approaching Empty Leon Aron 06/05/2013
Russia faces two challenges that will affect its preeminence as an energy supplier and its ability to wield oil and gas as geostrategic tools. At stake are the stability of the regime — and perhaps even its survival.