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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
U.S. Leadership Rating Rises. Huh? James K. Glassman 04/16/2014
The objective of foreign policy is to secure the defined interests of the United States. It may appear to be easier to succeed at such an endeavor if foreigners like us, but don’t be so sure.
Hoping for China's Success Vaclav Smil 03/28/2014
There is one effort in which everybody should wish to see China successful: preservation of the country’s farmland. It has already been reduced to well below the level needed to keep the country self-sufficient in grain production.
Do We Really Need a Larger IMF? Desmond Lachman 03/09/2014
Several developments should cause the U.S. Treasury to reverse itself in favor of a smaller International Monetary Fund.
How to Avoid Another Global Financial Crisis Alan Greenspan 03/06/2014
Human emotions and animal spirits are increasingly driving economic outcomes.
The OAS is AWOL on Venezuela Roger F. Noriega 03/05/2014
The Organization of American States is betraying its essential mission to defend representative democracy.
Bordering on Chaos Alan W. Dowd 03/02/2014
To overcome its deadly corruption and chaos, Mexico needs to increase its defense spending and freedom-oriented reforms.
Is Talking the Shortest Path to War? Michael Rubin 02/19/2014
A half century worth of experience does not support the thesis that diplomacy with rogue regimes or terrorist groups brings peace. Rather, diplomacy misapplied can be the shortest path to war.
Nixon in China John Steele Gordon 02/19/2014
Nixon’s visit to China turned out to be his greatest moment as president. He had brought about a diplomatic revolution that produced the modern diplomatic world.
For Venezuelan Regime, the Party’s Over Roger F. Noriega 02/18/2014
With intensifying unrest and the Maduro regime fighting a losing battle for survival, it appears that Hugo Chávez’s ‘Bolivarian revolution’ will outlive him by about a year.
The Recipe for Good Government Arnold Kling 01/14/2014
If we compare countries around the world, what factors are generally associated with good governance and what factors are associated with bad governance?