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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
Hindsight Isn’t 20/20 Thomas Chiapelas 05/22/2013
Many lessons should be drawn from the U.S. experience in Iraq. Unfortunately, we’re not learning what we should.
Time for an Independent Kurdistan Jay Hallen 05/10/2013
An independent Kurdistan is now more feasible than ever. The United States should seize this historic opportunity to support a strong ally in the Middle East – and one of the world’s most prominent stateless peoples.
Syria’s Air Defenses: Formidable or Not? Gary Schmitt 05/07/2013
It seems doubtful that Pentagon planners truly believe that Syria’s air defenses are a significant hurdle to intervening in that country’s civil war.
Venezuelans Resist an Illegitimate and Violent Regime Roger Noriega 05/01/2013
A majority of Venezuelans voted for change and now has no choice but to resist a regime that can hold on to power only with violence.
10 Lessons from Cyprus Desmond Lachman 04/25/2013
Here are the likely lessons future historians will draw from Cyprus’s sorry experience in the euro.
The True Crisis in the Asia-Pacific Michael Mazza 04/23/2013
The Asia-Pacific’s most dangerous crisis may be going overlooked due to North Korean threats. Despite the Obama administration’s ‘pivot’ to the region, Asian allies worry that the United States will not continue to be a steadfast partner.
Earth Day and Four Decades of Fear Benjamin Zycher 04/22/2013
A vast array of blatherings have accumulated over the years, warning the end is nigh.
Greed Is Green: How the Profit Motive Helps the Environment Pierre Desrochers 04/19/2013
The search for increased profitability has long delivered both economic and environmental improvements by promoting the evermore efficient use of material resources.
Margaret Thatcher Showed the World What a Woman Can Do Christina Hoff Sommers 04/17/2013
Even after her death, critics revile Britain’s brilliant, trail-blazing leader and liberator as ‘unfeminine.’ Yet she reveled in her femininity throughout her career, charming men and women alike.
North Korea's Bluffing Blowhard Lee Harris 04/06/2013
Should we still be worried even if North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is only bluffing? The best policy may be to humor him.