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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
The European Assault on Hedge Funds Jurgen Reinhoudt 04/25/2007
If hedge funds want to avoid heavy-handed European regulation, they must tell Europeans what they do and why they deserve to operate with freedom.
The Yeltsin Legacy Leon Aron 04/23/2007
History will record the late Russian leader as a great liberator.
Soviet History Could Motivate Freer Trade John Tamny 04/20/2007
Cold war experience reminds us that wealth is only as good as the freedom to use it.
Inside the Mind of a French Presidential Candidate Jurgen Reinhoudt 04/19/2007
Reformist politician Nicolas Sarkozy’s new book Testimony is compelling reading for those interested in French politics.
Is Canada’s Shift on Climate Change Part of a Larger Trend? Kenneth P. Green 04/18/2007
Yesterday’s announcement by the Canadian government—that it may join a US-led coalition focused on voluntary emissions cuts—could be part of a global shift away from Kyoto’s binding targets.
A Four-Step Recovery Plan for Zimbabwe Marian L. Tupy 04/17/2007
Post-Mugabe recovery should start with sound economic policy.
Santiago Con Crema George Awad 04/12/2007
Santiago’s richest neighborhoods defy the stereotypes—for better or worse.
Tout Seoul Claude Barfield 04/05/2007
America’s new trade deal with Korea shows that bilateral negotiations can work. But the deal is headed for tough scrutiny on both sides of the Pacific.
Subjective Macroeconomics Jurgen Reinhoudt 04/05/2007
European economies face the soft bigotry of low expectations.
Will Western Europe Surge Again? Jurgen Reinhoudt 03/30/2007
As the EU celebrates its fiftieth birthday, a trenchant new study of the continent’s economic history shows that reforms are needed.