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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
Forecast: Open Skies Ahead Evan Sparks 05/18/2007
A new U.S.-European pact will mean more competition, less red tape, and—probably—lower fares.
Q&A: Energy Independence Steven F. Hayward 05/17/2007
‘Energy independence’ may be a hollow slogan, but ‘energy security’ is something we can achieve. Separating fact from fantasy, Steven Hayward shows how.
The UN’s Tyrant-Friendly Bureaucracy Roger Bate 05/15/2007
Saturday’s vote putting Zimbabwe in charge of a human rights body doesn’t make it any easier to take the body seriously.
Health Targets Should Come With a Warning Roger Bate 05/11/2007
Grand goals will only help world health if they can be measured—and achieved.
Does Economic Success Require Democracy? Kevin Hassett 05/10/2007
Sadly, no. In fact, the politically unfree countries are enjoying more economic growth than the politically free ones. Kevin Hassett tells why.
If We Exit Victor Davis Hanson 05/09/2007
The costs, economic and otherwise, of staying in Iraq are terrible. The costs of leaving are much, much worse.
Lesson from Brazil: Pharma Needs to Explain its Pricing Roger Bate 05/08/2007
A tiered model, based on ability to pay, is optimal—but will only work if the industry stands up for itself.
Vive la Réforme? Jurgen Reinhoudt 05/07/2007
Sarkozy’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election leaves him with a heavy burden.
Micro Man Tom Bethell 05/07/2007
Everyone, from free-market conservatives to socialists, loves Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, which has been lending tiny sums to millions of women in Bangladesh. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, but Tom Bethell wondered if the story was too good to be true.
New Euro Record Prompts Quiet Grumbles Jurgen Reinhoudt 04/27/2007
The apparent calm after this morning’s all-time high against the dollar masks a growing sense of unease in Europe.