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World Watch

Insight on what's happening beyond the United States.
Canada’s Problem: Domestic Trade Barriers Christopher Sands 05/22/2007
Free trade among the fifty states may account for much of the U.S. productivity advantage over Canada.
All the Coal in China Rowan Callick 05/21/2007
Cheap and abundant, coal is the energy that powers China’s economy, writes Rowan Callick. But it also may be the world’s worst environmental problem.
Forecast: Open Skies Ahead Evan Sparks 05/18/2007
A new U.S.-European pact will mean more competition, less red tape, and—probably—lower fares.
Q&A: Energy Independence Steven F. Hayward 05/17/2007
‘Energy independence’ may be a hollow slogan, but ‘energy security’ is something we can achieve. Separating fact from fantasy, Steven Hayward shows how.
The UN’s Tyrant-Friendly Bureaucracy Roger Bate 05/15/2007
Saturday’s vote putting Zimbabwe in charge of a human rights body doesn’t make it any easier to take the body seriously.
Health Targets Should Come With a Warning Roger Bate 05/11/2007
Grand goals will only help world health if they can be measured—and achieved.
Does Economic Success Require Democracy? Kevin Hassett 05/10/2007
Sadly, no. In fact, the politically unfree countries are enjoying more economic growth than the politically free ones. Kevin Hassett tells why.
If We Exit Victor Davis Hanson 05/09/2007
The costs, economic and otherwise, of staying in Iraq are terrible. The costs of leaving are much, much worse.
Lesson from Brazil: Pharma Needs to Explain its Pricing Roger Bate 05/08/2007
A tiered model, based on ability to pay, is optimal—but will only work if the industry stands up for itself.
Vive la Réforme? Jurgen Reinhoudt 05/07/2007
Sarkozy’s victory in Sunday’s presidential election leaves him with a heavy burden.